Best 2 wheel walkers for Seniors in 2022


It is no debate that walkers help seniors maintain an active lifestyle. But not every walker is ideal for every senior. It varies with one’s needs.

The most common wheeled walkers are the 2 wheel walkers also known as rolling walkers. These are standard walkers with two wheels, that offer a close-to-normal walking pattern compared to rollators and standard walkers. The combination of the front wheels and the slider makes it easy to maneuver on a variety of surfaces.

They are also more stable than standard walkers, and most models can easily be collapsed for ease of transport and storage. They are also adjustable to suit different heights.

Rolling walkers are a great choice for seniors who don’t require as much support but aren’t strong enough to use four wheel walkers. Seniors often use them for balance, support, and stability while walking.

Perhaps the only downside to rolling walkers is that they make for a large turning arc because the wheels are fixed. This is unlike the swiveling wheels found in four-wheel walkers and heavy duty walkers where a senior automatically makes a turn without picking up the walker as is the case with rolling walkers.

Finding the right 2 wheeled walker may take a couple of trials and errors. But once you know how to choose the best walker, it gets easier. 

In this post, we make your shopping experience a lot more successful by taking you through a detailed buying guide for 2 wheel walkers. We also narrow down your options by sharing the best wheel walkers for senior citizens that you can find in the market now. 

Review of the Best 2 Wheel Walkers for Seniors in 2022

Below are our selection of the best 2 wheel walkers for senior citizens. Read our review to find what suits you or your loved one best.

Drive Red Walker with Folding Legs & Bags


The Drive Red Walker had to be the first one on the list for how stylish and modern it looks. But does it perform to the required standards? Well, let’s see.

To begin with, it comes with standard two five-inch wheels on the front and slides on the slides. Even though the wheels are considerably smaller for outdoors, they still can maneuver on most surfaces and easily fits through narrow spaces and doorways. 

The entire walker is well built- with an eye-catching red frame made of sturdy aluminum material. The frame itself is super light but durable. You can easily lift it up and down, which is convenient for your doctor’s appointments. And being that it is foldable, you can get it out of the way easily by folding and leaning against walls, behind the driver’s seat, at the back of your chair or wherever is accessible for you.

The two-wheeled walker is easy to open and close when collapsed. Not much muscle work is needed. The two detachable side storage bags are handy for storing items like tissues, credit cards,  cellphones, or a variety of other personal items. The side pouches are held securely by the velcro tabs that are fastened to the sides of the frames.

With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, the handle height can be adjusted to varying heights. We loved that the handles are textured. This provides a non-slip surface for the hands to reduce tension and pressure on the wrists.

Quick Facts

  • Foldable

  • Seat weight Capacity: 300lbs

  • Seat Width between handles: 17"

  • Seat to Floor Height: 20.5"

  • Handle Height: 29.5"- 37"

  • Non-marking wheels: Yes

  • Front wheel size: 5"


  • Two detachable side storage bags for storing items

  • Ideal for a variety of surfaces

  • Strong and durable aluminum construction

  • Easy height adjustment

  • Lifetime warranty on frame

  • Ideal for most surfaces

  • Folds down to half the size


  • There have been complaints of the glides on the rear legs wearing out pretty quick

Drive Clever Lite Walker Rollator / Easy Fold

drive cl main

You may have noted that this walker comes with four wheels, but it’s actually classified as a two-wheel walker because of how the frame and wheels are designed. It should not be confused for a rollator walker.

Unlike The Drive Red Walker, this model comes with four 8-inch caster wheels that can be set to be fixed or swivel, easy to use brakes as well as a foldable seat. To make turning easier and quicker, you can set the wheels in a swivel position by lifting and turning the pin on the legs. The wheels are also easy to use on different surfaces, and it helps that it has a superior braking system.

Another unique feature that makes this walker better than most traditional walkers is the side release paddle mechanism that allows the walker to fold to the sides rather than folding down. 

We loved that the walker comes with a wide padded seat that you can flip up to use as a walker and flip down to sit on. We also think tha the soft, flexible backrest is a huge plus as it adds to its comfort and stability when seated.

In addition, the handles are integrated into the frame so you can be at peace knowing that no matter how much pressure you exert on the handles, they aren’t breaking down on you any time soon.

Like most walkers from Drive Medical, this one too comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a limited warranty on other parts. If you particularly love the design of the

Quick Facts

  • Foldable

  • Seat weight Capacity: 300lbs

  • Seat Width between handles: 18.5"

  • Seat to Floor Height: 27.5"

  • Hand brakes

  • Handle Height: 35"- 39"

  • Non-marking wheels: Yes

  • Front wheel size: 5" (fixed & swivel)


  • Walker folds to the side

  • Comes assembled

  • Front wheels can either be fixed or swivel

  • Flip-up seat to rest on

  • Soft cushioned backrest for extra comfort and stability

  • Lifetime limited warranty on the frame


  • Even though it comes pre-assembled, you may have to do some re-adjustments for the wheels to roll smoothly

U Step Walker

u step walker 2

The U-Step walker is possibly the best folding walker for seniors with limited mobility in the market currently. It is the heavy-duty version of our two-wheel walker collection designed to offer great support and stability to seniors with neurological orders and other medical conditions. It supports up to 375 pounds and is recommended for seniors between the heights of  5’1″ – 6’1″. 

Similar to the Clever Lite walker from Drive Medical, this too looks like a rollator from a first glance. But when you look at it closely, you will notice that it’s actually a traditional walker. Only two are the main wheels of the seven wheels it has, while the other five are supportive wheels. This variety of wheels enables it to roll smoothly on uneven surfaces and turn easily on narrow doorways and tight spaces. Each set of wheels operates independently.

The unique U-design of this adult walker makes it easier for users to walk at every possible angle without falling. The reversed braking system allows users to stand from any angle.

A feature we haven’t seen to be common in many walkers but very useful to seniors with Parkinson’s disease especially is the wheel roll speed control. It allows them to use the walker freely without losing control of the walker.

The walker comes inclusive of a padded built-in seat and seat storage basket, but you can add extra accessories and safety features like a rollator light to guide the user when walking. The additional accessories are sold separately.

Quick Facts

  • Laser light

  • Reversed braking system

  • Seat weight Capacity: 375 lbs

  • Seat Width between handles: 19"

  • Seat to Floor Height: 22"

  • Handle Height: 28"- 38.5"

  • Number of wheels: 7

  • Non-marking wheels: Yes


  • Wheel roll sped control for added safety when moving forward

  • Best for seniors with Parkinson’s disease

  • Stable and easy to fold

  • Comes with a seat storage bag and extra padding

  • Wheel resistance can be adjusted and controlled for easy movement


  • The handbrake may take a bit of time to get used to

  • Does not roll easily on plush carpets

How to choose a 2 Wheel Walker for Seniors

To help you learn how to choose the best walker for yourself or your loved one, we put together the key features below that you should be on the lookout for when choosing a walker.

Weight Capacity

First and foremost, you want to check the maximum weight the walker can support or simply, the weight capacity. Most two wheel walkers will accommodate users up to 300 pounds, while heavy-duty walkers with two wheels have a weight capacity of up to over 400 pounds.

Depending on your weight, you want to choose a walker that can support your weight. If your weight is on the high side, you might consider choosing a heavy duty walkers. See our detailed review of the best heavy duty walkers for seniors to find yourself a suitable one.

The frame

Typically, two wheel walkers have a narrow frame that is similar to the standard walkers. However, you need to pay attention to the dimensions, more so the width between handles and the entire frame’s width. You want to be sure that you will fit inside when walking and also that it will fit through doorways. Otherwise, it will beat logical sense to buy a walker for indoor use that you cannot use to access the entire home. Check the base width, it should be larger than 22 inches which is the least width of standard doorways. 

 You also want to be sure the frame is tall enough to fit your height or at the very least, adjustable.

Still, on the frame, ensure that it is made of a durable solid frame that is light in weight. Most walkers are made of a lightweight aluminum frame. A heavier frame like one made of steel is cumbersome to transport and operate.

A foldable frame is most desirable. It is not only a space saver but also portable and easy to store. 


A foldable walker is convenient for storage and transport. And while most two wheel walkers will have a foldable frame, some can be easily folded while others require some muscle work, particularly those with a storage basket and contoured backrest. You first have to remove these two before folding.

Fortunately, some models have a side release paddle mechanism that makes it super easy to fold to the side like the Drive Clever Lite walker. Others have a two-button release mechanism that also folds easily.

Unless you get one that folds down to a really compact size, Strive to get a walker that folds to the side. They are much easier to collapse for storage when not in use. You also have the choice to either fit them into the car trunk or if you have a bigger car, lean against the back of a seat. There is a whole post on best folding walkers that can guide you better on foldable walkers.


When it comes to handles, you want to make sure that they are comfortable and strong enough to take in the pressure of your upper body. You will notice that most rolling walkers have plastic hand grips. While these are cheaper and can be replaced as soon as they wear out, they are neither comfortable nor economical in the long run compared to other ergonomic hand grips.

We’d suggest foam hand grips, padded hand grips, or gel hand grips if your budget allows. These three options are much comfortable and will offer you the right cushioning against blisters.

As well, look for a rolling walker with adjustable handlebars. This is convenient as you can always adjust the walker to suit different heights.


There goes our selection of the best 2 wheel walkers. We’ve only selected the best in the market specially built for seniors with mobility issues. If you are unsure of which walker to pick, we’d suggest the U Step walker. It’s not only designed for seniors with Parkinson’s disease and neurological conditions but also seniors who need extra support and more stability. We particularly loved the U-design, it’s much safer as one can stand or position themselves at whichever angle without falling.

But if you are looking for a simple rolling walker to assist you with a bit of stability and balance when walking, the Red Walker from Drive Medical will be a great choice. If none of these options are within your weight limit, consider heavy duty walkers designed for seniors.