Silverado Extreme Bariatric Scooter


Max Speed: 9.6 mph
Distance on full charge: 55 miles
Weight capacity: 450 lbs.
Seat width: 20″
Product weight: 387 lbs.
Accessibility menu
Suspension system
LCD dashboard display
Cup holder
Lock tiller

Silverado Extreme Bariatric Scooter Description

The Merits Health Silverado Extreme S941L for sale is the perfect bariatric scooter for anyone who wants the longest driving range possible. With its 100AH batteries, this scooter can drive an impressive 55 miles on a single charge!

The Silverado extreme 4 wheel is also extremely powerful, with a top speed of 9.6 miles per hour. And it has an impressive weight capacity of 450 lbs, making it perfect for larger users.

The cushy high-back captain’s seat comes with an adjustable headrest and armrests for maximum comfort. And the LED headlights provide ultra-bright light while minimizing battery consumption.

If you’re looking for a bariatric scooter that can go the distance, the Silverado Extreme S941L is the perfect choice for you!

Silverado Extreme Bariatric Scooter Specs:

Device Weight: (with battery) 387 lbs Turning Radius: 82.7"
Overall length: 61" Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive
Turning Radius: 82.7" Driving Range: 55 Miles
Front Wheel Size: 14" Overall Width: 29"
Rear Wheel Size: 16" Suspension: Yes
Braking System: Intelligent, regenerative electromagnetic brakes Seat Section Weight: 40.00 lbs.
Height: 35.00" Battery Type: Two 12V/100AH Batteries
Armrest Options: Height Adjustable / Width Adjustable Axle-to-Axle Length: 45.00"
Top Speed: 9.60 mph Max Incline Rating: 10 °
5 year frame warranty Delta Tiller: Yes

Silverado extreme 4 wheel warranty

If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, Electric Wheelchair USA will offer a full refund (on most products, see below). To qualify for a return please note the following:

Silverado Extreme Bariatric Scooter Reviews

Jamie N.
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This amazing! It opens a new world for my Father with dementia. It can be set to go faster, my father love it!
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I got my scooter on my birthday. I really enjoy it. It makes it much easier to get around. It is a quality product. I'm very pleased with my scooter and I will recommend it. Thanks...
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Great mobility HD tank! Scoot! Quality well designed well built for long travel 55 miles between wall plug charging! Great 9.6 mph!

Questions & Answers

The Merits s941l Silverado extreme scooter has everything you need to reclaim your mobility (electric horn, led lighting system, seat post, remote control, extreme 4 wheel full suspension system). Setup is a snap and all necessary parts and accessories are included. You get the chair of course, as well as 2 state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries, a battery charger, a handlebar for effortless control, easy to follow instructions and a detailed owner’s manual. And the best part? There’s no assembly required! All you do is charge the chair for 2-4 hours and you are ready to go.

The Silverado extreme 4 wheel full suspension system does not fold, unfortunately so it might not be right for you. We recommend for daily errands. 

The Merits S941L scooter has been engineered with efficiency in mind. As such, it tips the scales at 387 lbs. 

What impresses us is the extreme 4 wheel full suspension system.

The Merits s941l Silverado extreme scooter lithium-ion batteries that come with your new power scooter weighs 134 lbs. As such they are light enough for virtually anyone to change.

Of course! scooter comes with everything you need to get going and keep going, including a charger for your batteries.

Charging the battery on your electric scooter is a simple and safe procedure. Just make sure the chair is turned OFF when charging. If the power is left on while charging it may cause damage to various electrical components and void the warranty. Again, turn the chair OFF when charging. If you need help, feel free to contact one of our customer care advisors.

Unless you're flying a private jet, you will most likely not be allowed to take your folding scooter on a flight. Contact your airline for details. 

Yes. But it is likely you will need to obtain a converter in order to change the voltage or an adapter to ensure you will be able to plug into the local wall socket. 

What you will enjoy is the extreme 4 wheel full suspension system since a lot of countries might be a bumpy ride.

The Silverado Extreme Bariatric scooter has a maximum carrying capacity of 450 lbs. (204 kilograms).

Ground Clearance:5.10"
Max Incline Rating:10 °
Delta Tiller:Yes
Seat Width:20"
Max Seat to Ground Height26.4"
Max Seat to Deck Height:19"

The seat on this scooter is 20 inches wide.

The top of the seat on the Silverado scooter sits 5 inches off the floor or ground, which means it will comfortably accommodate any average-sized person. It also offers a large foot platform for convenience.

Because the extreme 4 wheel full suspension system is advanced, you'll be higher off the ground. 

Yes, the arm rest on this power scooter flips up. 

No, this is not possible on this scooter.

The Silverado mobility scooter has a maximum operational range of 55 miles per charge. However, keep in mind that your actual distance may be affected by things like uphill terrain.

The lithium-ion battery for the Silverado takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to charge completely.

Your Silverado mobility scooter will be shipped within 1-3 business days and should get to you within 7-10 business days.

Your innovative mobility scooter comes with 2 brand new lithium-ion batteries and you should be okay for at least 6 months. If you still wish to purchase an additional battery or batteries, you can do so through our Parts page.

We offer a full array of replacement parts for the automatic scooter on our parts page. This includes everything from armrests, LCD screen, seat cushions, wheels, and more.

You can also order:

  • full led lighting package
  • dual rear view mirrors
  • sturdy front steel bumper
  • brake lights
  • led rear light strip

If you are not completely satisfied with your mobility scooters you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return them to us. Just make sure the chair is clean and in its original packaging and that you obtain a return authorization number prior to sending the chair. There will also be a 10% restocking fee on any returned chair.

Each automatic scooter carries a 3-year warranty on the frame and a 1 year warranty on electrical components, including the battery.

If you wish to file a manufacturer's warranty claim for your automatic folding scooter please fill out the form on the warranty claim page of our website.

The best thing you can do to ensure your Merits power scooter is always in tip-top shape is to keep it clean. Don’t allow dirt and debris to accumulate on the wheels and undercarriage and wipe down all components of the chair on a regular basis. Beyond that, an annual maintenance check is also recommended to ensure everything is in good working order. Please see the “maintenance” section of our website to learn more.

In many cases, yes. The best thing to do is to contact your insurance provider prior to purchasing a power scooter and ask them.


  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Weight with battery: 257 lbs.
  • Distance on full charge: 43 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
  • Weight with battery: 340lbs.
  • Distance on full charge: 28 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs.
  • Weight with battery: 260lbs.
  • Distance on full charge: 35 miles
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