Above ground pools with deck – Accessible pool ideas

Above ground pools with deck

If you want to escape the sweltering summer heat and turn your backyard into a beautiful paradise where you can relax and entertain guests, consider installing an above-ground pool with a deck.

These above-ground pools are an excellent option for homeowners who prefer not to invest in in-ground pools or deal with the hassle of professional construction.

The following article will delve into the world of above-ground pools with decks, looking into their benefits, choices for design, installation process, and maintenance suggestions.

Above ground pool example

What is An Above-Ground Pool?

An above-ground pool with a deck is a swimming pool constructed above ground level with a deck structure that offers simple access and additional space for relaxation, sunbathing, and outdoor activities.

Unlike in-ground pools, a frame or framework supports above-ground pools and sits on a level surface. The deck is constructed around the pool to provide a smooth descent from the deck to the pool’s edge.

Country Pool and Deck

Advantages Of Above-Ground Pools with Deck

What is An Above-Ground Pool?

An above-ground pool with a deck provides a variety of advantages that appeal to functionality and natural beauty. Some benefits that make these pools withstand the above ground pool are below.

  • Accessibility: The deck makes it easy to get into the pool without using steps or ladders and is helpful for people of all ages or with mobility issues.
  • Safety And Privacy: Unlike an open ground pool, an above pool deck might provide some seclusion, depending on the design. In addition, most deck surfaces are friendlier to bare feet than common alternatives like concrete, a composite wooden deck, or grass.
  • Aesthetics: A well-designed pool with a deck significantly enhances the overall appearance of the pool area by connecting it to the outdoor living space, making the site more visually appealing and put together.
  • Spacious: An above-ground pool deck may be used as additional outdoor space, such as for sunbathing, gatherings, parties, and lounging, compared to just a swimming area.
  • Customizable: Decks for above-ground pools can be designed in various ways. There is a wide variety of materials, designs, and finishes available to ensure that the outdoor pool perfectly matches your tastes and personality, helping to put your stamp on your appearance.
  • Easy to Maintain: Above-ground pools are often less hassle to clean and maintain than other inground pool designs.
  • Cost Effective: They are generally more cost-effective than in-ground pools and related expenses.

An above-ground pool’s adaptability, low cost, and attractiveness have significantly contributed to its meteoric rise to fame.

Above Ground Pool and Ladder

The Best Above-Ground Pool Deck Ideas and Designs

Above-ground pools have come a long way since the beginning and now include cutting-edge aesthetics and practical features. Some of the most fantastic ground pool designs are shared below.

Multi Level Deck Design

One can consider building decks with varying levels, as they not only give extra seating area but also increase the outdoor area’s aesthetic attractiveness, making it an architectural showpiece.

Incorporate a fire and barbecue pit into the upper deck, which can serve for sitting and dining purposes, while the lower deck accommodates the pool area and lounging in the water.

Modern deck and swimming pool

A Mini Deck Design

Even if anyone needs more room or resources for a sizable deck, an above-ground pool with a small deck may serve as a separator between the pool and the rest of your yard, offering an attractive and functional way to access and depart the pool. You can utilize a small stock tank pool or a hot tub to create a compact pool deck.

Wrap Around Decks

A wrap-around or full deck usually covers the whole pool perimeter, giving it the appearance and feel of an inground pool. These decks allow you to add all the enjoyable features one desires, including outdoor furniture, backyard barbecues, and hot tubs.

Full decks are fixed to a home for convenience, security, and a uniform design. In addition, the deck design is ideal for concealing the out-of-date side paneling of the pool.

roberto nickson so3wgJLwDxo unsplash

Wooden Retreat

Many builders and homeowners look to wood as a solid option.

While different types of wood have different strengths, it’s a long-term maintenance material that requires seasonal upkeep, but now, with the help of a composite wood deck, the idea is as easy as anything.

Modern house with garden swimming pool

Modern Minimalistic Design

An above-ground pool with a simple and square deck complements the contemporary, minimalist design. The deck around such a pool should be just as clean and clear.

Modern decks are usually clean and clear with stone surfaces, and concrete and masonry decking may successfully evoke this look with minimal effort. Creating a stylish poolside area with modern furnishings, stone accents, and neutral hues or darker pool liners can enhance the appearance of your above-ground pool by reflecting plants and clouds, creating a sense of depth, and potentially absorbing more solar radiation, warming the pool’s water.

Mike shares his DIY project of a modern Pool deck with Intex above-the-ground pool installation.

Composite Deck

Above-ground pool decks made of composite materials like plastic decking or composite wooden decks, which are water-resistant and look like natural wood or stone, are popular.

Special wooden board around the swimming pool

A pool needs a place to set up at least two lounge chairs; a deck is the ideal, stable foundation for that goal.

Use Planters and Greenery

Research reveals that increased plant contact can improve health by boosting mood by emitting Mycobacterium vaccae, a bacteria in plant soil that produces serotonin in the brain.

That is why permanently potted plants or palms, artificial or natural, on pool decks bring the outdoors in and create a calm atmosphere. Choose vegetation that thrives in the area and provides the desired visual effect for a relaxing and visually pleasing experience. The design doesn’t need much work and is cheaper than a wrap-around deck.


Built-In Seating

The pool deck’s built-in seating area is aesthetically and functionally appealing. The seating with a wooden bench provides additional sitting space and easy access to pool belongings like towels, sunscreen, floats, and toys.

Keep the seating natural wood, or add a few pillows and cushioning for comfort and safety. The custom pool deck with seating option works best with a multilevel, tiered deck layout, but with creativity, one can add built-in seating to nearly any deck space.

Pooling With Safety And Style

Above-ground pool deck railings aren’t required but allow for artistic expression. Deck railings serve two purposes: they provide a handrail in what could otherwise be a hazardous area, and maybe there is a need to protect any elderly or disabled family members.

Like other deck designs, you can get creative with above-ground terraced decks. Glass panels, supported by metal railing posts, are an elegant choice for minimalist or contemporary homes. One can employ wooden posts with thin metal rods or opt for an all-wood traditional rail as an alternative.

Pool Deck and Railing

A YouTube short showing a large deck with outdoor furniture and fencing around the deck area.

Blending Above and Inground Pools

They, also known as Semi-inground pools, are a hybrid of above-ground and inground designs. They are the perfect choice for pools built in areas with rough terrain or sloppy sides.

To blend the two designs, dig to approximately half the depth you would like for an inground pool, then add decking to the desired height.

Blending above and inground pools

Infinity And Beyond

The edge of an infinity pool, also known as a vanishing edge pool, seemingly disappears into the sky and blends into the atmosphere. While in-ground infinity pools are more common, the concept may be used in above-ground pools to provide a stunning visual effect.

Seaview pool in a modern mediterranian villa

Building An Above-Ground Pool Deck

Building an above-ground pool with a deck is an exciting project to convert your outdoor space into a relaxation paradise. An attractive and practical deck is essential for maximizing your pool.

But learning how to start the process is crucial. One can go through the following steps

Choosing the Pool Size And Shape

The total cost of a pool will depend on its size and architecture. Generally, a more extensive pool will cost more than a smaller one, but one should still do their homework to locate the ideal kit.

Depending on the proportions of the backyard, one may choose from a wide variety of above-ground pool and deck sizes and types. There are either round pools, oval pools, or rectangular pools.

Round pools can range between 12 and 33 feet in circumference. Rectangular pools can be 12-by-24 feet, 15-by-30 feet, or 18-by-33 feet. Oval pools can be anywhere from 8 to 40 feet in diameter. The height of pools can vary between 48 and 54 inches. Depending on the size, pool systems range in price from $720 to $8,240, from small to large pool decks.

When determining the suitable pool size for your backyard, remember that pool measurements are calculated based on the inner water dimensions. It’s essential to factor in additional installation space around the pool perimeter. Also, keeping a 15-square-foot area for each person in the pool is another reasonable consideration.

The Type of Pool Materials

Typically, above-ground pools come in three types: inflatable, metal or resin frame, and rigid wall.

  • Inflatable pools are popular due to their easy installation and low cost, but they typically only last a few years. They average a height of 42 inches.
  • Metal or Resin pools are usually assembled in sections to secure the liner to the frame. They are more expensive and have excellent durability compared to inflatable pools.
  • Rigid pools have metal walls forming a basin, and a liner contains water—typically the most expensive but most durable.

These above ground pools are available at big-box hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes and specialized pool shops for easy comparative shopping.

In the United States, resin or steel-framed above-ground pools are by far the most popular choice for decks of above-ground pools, as they come in various sizes, shapes, and designs, are adaptable to multiple deck layouts, and often feature resin top rails, sturdy wall panels, and efficient filtration systems.

Companies like Intex, Bestway, Doughboy Pools, and Summer Waves are top suppliers in the country. However, conducting research as per need and budget is always suggested.

The Pool Deck Size

To accommodate two people walking side by side, a deck has to be at least three to four feet wide.

Other important considerations include: How many people can the deck accommodate comfortably? Can it adjust all of the outdoor furniture? Will there be both shady and sunny spots? Will children be using the pool? If so, would a larger deck make you feel more at ease?

Above Ground Swimming Pool

Choosing a Pool Deck Material

When deciding on the finest material for the pool deck, one may have a few good choices. The ideal material for an above-ground pool deck depends on personal preference, cost, and accessibility.

For a more natural appearance, you can also choose a real wood decking, but bear in mind that wood requires regular maintenance to prevent decay and bending. Wood decks, pressure-treated lumber, resin pool decks,  ipa wood, composite decking, and Vinyl or plastic are choices for above-ground pool decks.

The choice of material can also depend on sunlight, furniture choices, and total area. So getting professional or vendor help is good.

Composite decking is the best material for pool areas because it will not warp, attract insects, or splinter. Dave, an above-ground pool builder, shared that most pool decks in the 2020s will have a pressure-treated wood structure and composite decking with Resin rails.

Getting Permits

Each state and community may have rules to guarantee safety, compliance, and environmental responsibility. And one will need a building permit or zoning compliance from a local government agency. Additional gas and electricity permits are required if a heating mechanism is necessary for the pool.

Level The Pool Space

The ground must be perfectly flat to install a pool there. Depending on the terrain, one may need to level the area to varying degrees. A contractor can help if more comprehensive work than merely shoveling and tamping down the earth.

Alan showed how he prepared the area for pool deck installation with the help of sand and a wood log.

Begin Assembly

Starts assembling the pool just according to the company’s manual. The kits for solid wall pools usually come with leveling bricks to insert under the bottom ring. The liner and the structure of a framed pool work together to keep water in.

Install the pump and filter using the materials provided in the pool kit. Plug the pump into a GFCI outlet and connect the hoses to the pool.

A video that shows different stages of DIY deck and above-ground pool design

Install the Deck Framework.

Measure everything out perfectly before you start building the deck’s structure. Precision is essential since the framework must hold the deck, pool, and people.

Install the decking boards in a way that allows for some expansion and drainage.

Brandon Stunts Shows a time-lapse video of installing a pool and deck.

Adding Railing Or Safety Features

Add up additional items like railings and fences and ensure they are the right height and conform to all regulations in the region. Add gates and ladders if necessary to make the area more accessible.

Landscaping And Lightning

Landscaping around your pool area can give it some “pool pop” and add a finished look. It will also help make the pool and the rest of the backyard blend visually. Adding a border of stones or pavers around the pool may also help it appear more complete.

And proper pool lighting boosts aesthetic value and exclusivity by enhancing the surrounding environment. Underwater lights make the pool glow, while lights around its edge draw attention to its form and heighten the sense of drama.

Permanent lighting or hardwired lights are needed if you plan to swim at night regularly.

A DIY idea shared by a Youtuber for lighting the pool area.

Cost Considerations

The costs related to owning an above-ground pool should be carefully considered before installing one.

As per Forbes, an above-ground pool deck costs between $2,500 and $11,200, or approximately $15 to $30 per square foot for decking needs.

The total cost will change depending on factors such as the dimensions and level of detail of your above-ground pool and deck, the pool structure, the backyard layout, and the local market price of labor and building supplies.

More money may need to be spent on materials like stone or high-quality wood like fir or pine. Depending on the specifics, the installation might add an extra $1,000 to $3,000.

Since many things can affect the price, you might want to use HomeAdvisor.com to get different estimates from qualified contractors in your area. Prices vary from company to company, so looking into the market before making choices and getting the best budget-friendly deal is essential.

Pool Maintenance Cost, 

A purchase of an above-ground pool is not a one-time expense. Owners are responsible for maintenance costs throughout the pool’s life, with monthly maintenance costs ranging from $5 to $15. And the average monthly cost of hiring a pool service to maintain your pool is between $80 and $150.

The maintenance includes weekly skimming, interior cleaning, water testing, and chemical additions.

A pool automatic cover (about $100 to $1,000) and the rise in your water and power bills (around $30 to $250 per month) are all additional costs to think about.

Some Tips And Precautions

Hire a Professional or DIY: First, determine whether you will employ a professional or Do it yourself. DIY projects are the best way to cut costs and save money. Online tutorials and resources, like the Decks.com DIY deck-building guide, are available.

However, it is best to contact an expert if you are still determining your skill level.

First Pool, Then Deck: You should always start with the pool. Install the deck after the pool has been set up.

Also, the above-ground pool deck must not be attached to the pool. Instead, it would be best to put the deck close to the pool with no more than a three-quarters-inch space between. 

Electrical Safety: Pools need electrical work to power the pump and filter. If you have no experience working with electricity and need a GFCI outlet installed on the exterior of your home, you should hire an electrician.

Avoid Salt water for Pools: Never use salt water in above-ground pools, which can cause the pool walls to corrode and cause a significant problem. Pool deck materials may deteriorate when exposed to salt water.

No Running Around: The old “no running by the pool” guideline still stands, as all deck materials, including wood, plastic, and composites, become dangerously slippery when wet.

Dani shares her tips for above-ground pools, as she says leveling and tarping the ground, using a properly sized filter and pump for the pool, and pavers are important for building and maintaining a pool.

Above-Ground Pool Deck Companies

Many companies and deck builders work to make above-the-ground pool structures and custom decks.

AquaStar, Kayak Pools, Ambassador Pools, Doughboy Pools, Namco Pools, The Pool Factory, and Blue World Pools are among a few; however, always check your local stores.


Adding a beautiful deck to the above-ground pool will significantly increase the time spent relaxing and enjoying it. Undoubtedly, above-ground deck and pool installations that create the intended aesthetic impression need meticulous planning, efficient water circulation systems, and close attention to detail with a brilliant building plan. A trustworthy, knowledgeable builder can steer you in the right direction and help you achieve a great above-ground pool.