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Smart Folding Power Wheelchairs

The Smart Folding Power Wheelchairs from Rolstoel are perfect for anyone on the go. These chairs are lightweight and fold up easily, making them perfect for travel. They also feature a long battery life, allowing you to travel up to 15 miles before needing a recharge. And best of all, they can support up to 395 pounds, making them ideal for anyone and everyone.




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At Rolstoel we offer some of the most advanced folding power wheelchairs on the market. Every one of our FDA cleared personal mobility devices is feature rich, lightweight and priced right for any budget. Our knowledge of and experience with portable folding wheelchairs is second to none with each of our products a tangible expression of our commitment to the wellbeing of our clients.

At Rolstoel we understand that customer service is more than just an attractive website and some slick promises. That is why our dedicated customer care associates are always ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.


If you’re in search of a power chair to enhance your mobility and quality of life you will want to consider some of our Smart Chair accessories as well. From fenders to extra batteries to cup holders, mesh carrying trays, leg protectors and more we have what you need to make your experience easier and more enjoyable. Your new wheelchair is one of the most versatile and nimble mobility devices ever invented. Far less cumbersome than the average power scooter and much easier to transport with dual lithium ion battery packs that recharge extremely quickly. The rest of our wheelchairs are equally reliable and, when fitted with just the right accessory package, will help make your life as convenient and trouble free as possible.


Choosing a power wheelchair is a big decision and one that requires you have command of the facts. We understand this and so we strive to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. As you peruse the Rolstoel website you will find relevant information on each chair. Some of it purely descriptive and some of it technical. But all of it provided to you in an easy to understand fashion that enables you to winnow your choices and then decide on the electric wheelchair that dovetails best with your lifestyle needs. Whether you choose a state-of-the-art Smart Chair or one of our heavy duty power chairs – which we call “travel power wheelchairs” – you’ll get a first class mobility device with the features you both want and need.

Portable Electric Wheelchairs & Travel Power Wheelchairs

While our powered wheelchairs are designed with portability and travel in mind they’re also ideal for folks that anticipate having to navigate crowded areas such as malls, driving range, supermarkets, public transport systems and the like. That’s why our electric chairs have a tight turning radius. If you plan on traveling Rolstoel leads the way in convenience, folding down into a bundle that will slip easily into the trunk, the cargo hold or the overhead compartment of your flight. But it’s not the only one. All our travel power wheelchairs break down in less than a minute to be transported and set up just as quickly once you reach your destination.

Heavy Duty Power

Our heavy duty folding power chairs are designed for those who require a higher weight capacity. These sharp looking, comfortable and extremely mobile power wheelchairs can easily accommodate anywhere from 300 to 650 pounds. We offer an array of styles and, just like foldable wheelchairs from Rolstoel, each can be customized to fit your particular lifestyle needs. For our latest models our engineers have focused on producing more compact frames and including a slew of smart design features that you’re certain to appreciate.

Special Edition Rolstoel

Special Edition Rolstoel Power Wheelchairs are designed to meet the particular physical or logistical needs of our clients. For instance, the Special Edition (SE) Heavy Duty folding power wheelchair is fashioned from an incredibly tough yet lightweight aluminum alloy that will accommodate up to 396 pounds, or more than 30 percent more than our standard chair. These portable folding wheelchairs from KD Healthcare are also equipped with a wider seat and a more robust rear wheel assembly to ensure a safe and stable ride on different types of terrain. All of our Special Edition electric wheelchairs ship direct to the customer ready to go right out of the box and carry a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.