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If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to get around, a mobility scooter is the perfect choice. We’ve got all the best models from top brands, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you need to commute to work or just run errands around town, a mobility scooter will make getting around easier than ever.

4 Wheel Mobility Scooters


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Here at Rolstoel, we’ve researched more than 30 folding power scooters from the best manufacturers around the Internet. We’ve chosen 9 foldable portable scooters that are easy to manage and give users more freedom. It has taken 3 years but we’re proud to say that we’ve chosen award-winning portable travel scooters that are built to last.

With feather-touch disassembly, you can access your scooter much quicker than ever before. 

folding mobility scooter

Why these 5 folding scooters?

There are hundreds of folding scooters you can choose from. It can get daunting. We’ve made it simple on Rolstoel. The five foldable mobility scooters we’ve chosen have won awards, support up to 500 pounds, are lightweight and can be taken on airplanes when you travel to your favourite destination. If you pick our mobility scooters, your life will instantly improve. If you pay attention, you’ll notice none of our portable scooters are clunky. Why? Because no one wants a scooter that’s half the size of an automobile. We wanted a lightweight easy to transport scooter and made it happen.

Types of lightweight foldable power scooters

Choosing the right power mobility scooter is a big decision. It requires you to consider your whole life before purchasing a folding mobility scooter. Our individual mobility scooter product pages have all the information you need to make a decision. Some of the information is descriptive while some of the information will be technical. We’ve made all the content easy to scan like weight capacity or turning radius. We feel that once you’re ready to purchase a folding mobility scooter, Rolstoel will have everything you need to choose a travel scooter based on your lifestyle. 

Portable travel mobility scooters

The scooters we’ve chosen are travel friendly and mobile. They can easily fit in a small vehicle and are approved to be on planes. They will also easily navigate through busy streets and are safe indoors. It is also important that a folding scooter easily fit on public transit. We made sure every foldable mobility scooter we picked has a tight turning radius, is convenient and easily fit in the trunk of your car. Every lightweight folding power scooter folds in less than 40 seconds. No one wants to think about their scooter when they’re going from A to B. We’ve solved this problem. 

Heavy-duty electric mobility scooters

Our heavy-duty scooters are designed to handle a high weight capacity. Our amazing looking scooters aren’t just practical but also comfortable. These scooters are the latest models and most commonly purchased scooters for the last 5 years. They come with compact designs and are fit to travel on rough terrain. Let’s not forget the high-quality aluminium used to manufacture a lightweight mobility scooter. 

Special edition folding scooter

Special editions Rolstoel scooters are a little different because they’re designed to go fast, handle a higher weight capacity, travel long distances, have a tight turning radius and look pretty cool. For example, the E-Wheels 46 4-wheel scooter can handle up to 400 pounds, travel 35 miles on one charge and has a seat width of 18”. All of our special edition folding scooters ship direct to the customer and don’t need to be assembled. They also have an incredible warranty you can take the bank.