Does Costco Have Handicap Carts? Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping with Ease at Costco

does costco have handicap carts

Retail giants acknowledge the significance of ensuring a pleasurable and trouble-free experience for every customer, regardless of their physical capabilities.

An example of such a retail leader is Costco, which is renowned for its dedication to accessibility and its competitive pricing and selection of wholesale goods.

But what measures does Costco take to ensure accessibility? Let’s go in and explore the Costco experience from an accessibility perspective.

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Understanding Handicap Carts

When we talk about handicap carts, we refer to specialized shopping carts designed to assist individuals with mobility issues. These carts come in various forms, including motorized carts, electric scooters, and traditional wheelchairs.

Their primary purpose is to ensure that everyone can enjoy a seamless shopping experience regardless of physical capability.

For many, these carts are more than just a convenience.  They bridge the gap between limitation and independence, allowing shoppers to navigate stores easily.

And with the increasing focus on inclusivity, more retailers, including Costco, are prioritizing their availability.

Costco’s Commitment to Accessibility

Costco’s reputation as a shopper-friendly store extends beyond just competitive pricing. Their commitment to accessibility is evident in their measures to cater to all their customers. From motorized to electric shopping carts, they’ve ensured shoppers with mobility challenges aren’t left behind.

Whether it’s vast aisles, ramps, or the availability of handicapped carts and wheelchairs, Costco is setting a commendable standard in retail accessibility. Learn more about ADA compliance here.

Costco employees also play a pivotal role in the commitment. So, the next time you’re at Costco, don’t hesitate to ask an employee for assistance. They’re there to help!

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Motorized Carts at Costco

Diving deeper into Costco’s range of mobility solutions, their motorized carts stand out as a favorite among many shoppers. These carts, often seen near store entrances, are designed to make shopping a breeze for those with physical ailments or disabilities.

Using them is straightforward. Once at the store, approach the designated area (usually near the entrance) and choose a cart.

Any Costco employee will gladly give you a quick tutorial if you’re unsure about the controls. Remember, these carts are there for your convenience, so make the most of them!

Costco stores have many of these carts available. Calling your local store in advance if you’re visiting during peak hours is always a good idea. It will also assure you that there’s a cart waiting for you when you arrive. Find your nearest Costco store here.

Darlene, who has Parkinson’s disease, shares her shopping experience at Costco in a motorized cart.

Other Mobility Solutions at Costco

Beyond motorized carts, Costco offers a range of mobility solutions to ensure every shopper feels comfortable and independent.

Their electric shopping carts are popular, designed for those who prefer a more traditional shopping experience but need extra assistance.

Motorized scooters are another fantastic option available. These scooters are not only efficient but also easy to operate. And for those who prefer manual mobility aids, Costco provides regular wheelchairs that are both comfortable and user-friendly.

Costco employees are always available to assist customers. Whether you need help accessing a motorized scooter or have questions about using an electric shopping cart, they ensure your shopping experience is smooth.

And for those who rely on assistance animals like service dogs, Costco welcomes them with open arms, ensuring you and your furry friend can easily shop. Learn more about assistance animals here.

Comparing Costco with Other Retail Giants

When it comes to accessibility, how does Costco stack up against other retail giants?

Let’s take Target as an example.

The burning question many have is, “Does Target have motorized carts for the handicapped?” The answer is yes. Much like Costco, Target also prioritizes accessibility for its shoppers.

However, Costco’s commitment to accessibility seems to go a step further. With a broader range of mobility aids, dedicated Costco employees to assist, and a more inclusive store design, Costco stands out in retail.

Their dedication to ensuring every shopper feels welcome and catered to is commendable.

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Additional Services for Shoppers with Disabilities

Costco doesn’t stop at just providing mobility aids. They offer a range of services tailored to shoppers with disabilities. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or a certified assistance animal, Costco ensures you have the support you need for a pleasant shopping experience.

For instance, their shopping assistant services are a boon for those needing an extra pair of hands or guidance around the store.

Costco also ensures its website is accessible to all. With features like appropriate labels, color contrast ratios, and easily navigable input fields, online shopping is a breeze for everyone. Explore the Costco website for yourself.

Bringing guests or emotional support animals to assist in shopping? Costco has policies in place to accommodate

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the shopping carts for disabled people called? They’re commonly referred to as handicap carts, which include motorized carts, electric shopping carts, and wheelchairs.
  • Does Costco have shopping carts? Absolutely! Costco provides regular shopping and specialized handicap carts for those with mobility issues.
  • Is Costco ADA-compliant? Yes, Costco adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act, ensuring their stores are accessible to everyone, including wide aisles, ramps, and the availability of various mobility aids. Learn more about ADA compliance here.

Tips for a Smooth Shopping Experience at Costco

Navigating a store as vast as Costco can be challenging, especially for those with mobility issues.

But with some preparation and knowledge, the experience can be smooth and enjoyable. For starters, always check with your local store about the availability of motorized carts or electric scooters before your visit. It will save you time and ensure you have the assistance you need right from the start.

While shopping, remember the benefits that come with your Costco membership card. From exclusive deals to priority services, being a member has its perks.

And if you’re planning a big shopping spree, consider getting a Costco shop card. It’s a convenient way to manage expenses and a thoughtful gift for someone special.


Accessibility in shopping isn’t just about physical aids; it’s about creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and catered to.

Costco has set a commendable standard in this regard, ensuring that every shopper, regardless of their physical capabilities, can have a pleasant experience. They embody inclusivity, from their range of motorized carts to their dedicated Costco employees ready to assist.

If you ever have specific needs or questions about accessibility features at Costco, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local store.

They’re always eager to help and ensure your shopping experience is excellent. After all, shopping should be a joy, not a challenge. Contact Costco for any specific queries or feedback.