The ins and outs of Delta Airlines wheelchair assistance

Delta wheelchair assistance

Air travel is one of the safest and quickest methods to reach any destination.

But crowded airports, long lines at security checkpoints, and limits on weight restrictions make flying hard for people with disabilities and other medical issues.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) estimates that 25.5 million U.S. citizens aged 5 and up have self-reported travel-limiting impairments

Passengers with disabilities can carry their wheelchairs if they wish to travel

But it can be challenging to locate trustworthy sources that guide traveling with a disability. 

One of the airlines that offers a full range of benefits and services for passengers with special assistance is Delta, which has a wheelchair service for you or a member of your family who has any medical issue or is disabled in some other way.

Delta Airlines

Since its founding on March 2, 1925, Delta Airlines has been a reliable and affordable way to travel by air. Delta is the largest carrier in North America and flies to more places than any other airline. The northbound journeys cover 300 locations in 60 different countries.

But how do I request a wheelchair on Delta Airlines? Or how can I take my wheelchair on a Delta flight?

These are a few questions you’ll want to be answered if you’re one of the passengers needing the airline’s dedicated wheelchair assistance.

How do I request wheelchair services on Delta Airlines?

Delta provides many different kinds of assistance to those who ask for it. Suppose you are a disabled passenger on Delta Airlines and need mobility assistance at the airport. In that case, you can contact Delta in different ways to arrange wheelchair service at the airport.

They also have movable aisle armrest seats installed in some aircraft. For instance, the hybrid wheelchair from Rolstoelco offers the versatility of both manual and power modes, which can be incredibly advantageous during travel. 

Airport staff pushing pushing people in wheelchair in airport

Via Telephone

You can reach Delta’s customer support by dialing the airline’s dedicated accessibility help phone number, +1 (404) 209-3434, or the Delta website will provide you with a variety of phone numbers you can use for this purpose.

Upon calling, just ask to speak to a supervisor or press * on your phone. When a live Delta Airlines agent communicates with you, you must confirm, provide flight details, and request special assistance. Delta Airlines’ customer support will soon validate your request for mobility assistance.

Online Method

You can also get wheelchair assistance via online method as,

  • Open Delta airline’s official website from your computer or laptop.
  • Locate the My Trip” tab near the top of the page and click on it.
  • On that page, enter your surname and the booking information.
  • After confirming the details, Delta Airlines will provide you with flight details.
  • To receive wheelchair assistance on Delta, fill out a form under the wheelchair disability category of the special assistance option and provide details with the required documents.

You will receive an email after requesting a mobility service or wheelchair service.

Via Smartphone Application

The same procedure can be used on a smartphone application provided by Delta Airlines.

  • Log on to the app after installing it
  • Add up your necessary details on the My Trips Tab.
  • Use the calculator to ensure that your wheelchair or other assistive devices will fit safely on your flight.
  • Before your trip, please print and complete the Mobility Device Handling Form and show it to airport officials.

Personal Wheelchair Service on Delta Airlines

You can also take your wheelchair on the trip if needed. 

Delta transports all kinds of mobility devices and braces, such as personal wheelchairs, including folding, portable, non-folding, manual, electric, and battery-powered wheelchairs, electric-powered carts and scooters, crutches, braces, or other prosthetic devices, as long as they are on the same plane as the person who needs them.

Delta will assist you with transporting a private wheelchair to, from, and within the aircraft’s cabin.

To assist or coordinate the transport of a single wheelchair, please follow these same procedures and guidelines:

  • Complete the Delta Wheelchair Handling Form that corresponds with your wheelchair.
  • Input the dimensions of your wheelchair or other assistive devices and search for the airplane cargo compartments that can accommodate it.
  • Get a printout of the form.
  • Overlapping or enclosing it in plastic to preserve its integrity is a safe idea.
  • Stick it to the wheelchair’s seat or cushion.
  • When verifying your wheelchair or assistive device at the gate or ticket counter, remember to detach and carry any removable components.

Customers who notice harm from such devices are encouraged to contact Delta before departing the airport. The company can then start working on a solution right away.

Delta Airlines Wheelchair Policy

Delta Airlines’ wheelchair policy states that requests can be made via the company’s website or customer support. Some other important points include the following,

  • Application for special assistance must be made at least 48 hours in advance if you need a wheelchair.
  • If you are a wheelchair user and a passenger, you must also check in early (by one hour) to ensure availability.
  • Wheelchairs that fold up for personal use can be brought on board. The device must be within the allowed dimensions (13”x 36”x 42”) and weight to be brought on board.
  • Those using a wheelchair on the flight should ensure it is in good working order.
  • They are only able to transport one personal wheelchair per delta flight.
  • The mobility device must conform to all of the requirements for transport.
Elderly female passenger being transported in a wheelchair

What is the fee for Delta wheelchair assistance?

There are no additional costs if you need wheelchair assistance through Delta. Wheelchairs are permitted as a carry-on for the flight.

But before using the wheelchair assistance, you must meet the requirements mentioned above of Delta Airlines’ policy.

What do people say?

A Reddit user, Oneandonlytara, shared her experience with Delta wheelchair assistance. She said that she is a huge fan of Delta Airlines and always chooses to travel by them. She uses and travels with an electric wheelchair, and the crew is always extremely careful with it and asks questions before loading it to ensure that controls and cabling are not tampered with.

Another user, Stacy, shared that she enjoyed the Delta airline wheelchair assistance service despite her limited mobility and difficulty navigating the terminal; they always ensure she has everything she needs.

The video shows Mark, who is showing how to use wheelchair assistance at the airport. He explains how to sign up for assistance online and shares other tips for boarding an airplane with a wheelchair.

A user on another forum, Flyertalk, was pleasant about using wheelchair assistance for his parents and has used it several times on a Delta flight. He said that the service was requested at check-in, and a flight attendant took apart the wheelchair while another airport worker led the passengers on an aisle chair to security and then on another wheelchair up to the plane.


If you have any further questions about Delta Airlines’ wheelchair assistance, call the number above or look it up on the airline’s official website.

Visit Delta’s website to learn about reserving a trip and receiving mobility services.

Before You Go

Traveling can frustrate everyone, but those with mobility issues face additional challenges.

But it is possible with careful planning. To make your journey effortless and smooth, read the tips in How to Travel with Wheelchairs to Your Destination with Minimal Difficulty.