What is the Roho cushion?


What’s essential is that you feel at ease. If you spend most of your day sitting, you should invest in a supportive cushion, much as nurses invest in supportive footwear since they spend so much time on their feet.

Cushions are designed to keep you in the ideal sitting posture. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about slipping out of your wheelchair while having a conversation, and you’ll be able to focus more on the discussion.

Cushions help avoid the agony and medical costs associated with pressure ulcers. If you rely on a wheelchair for mobility, you must have a high-quality wheelchair seat cushion.

While seated in a wheelchair, you may find that a cushioned seat provides the most comfort. Equally, you may be at risk for pressure sores if you sit for lengthy periods. 

Wheelchair cushions relieve strain on the spine and distribute the user’s weight evenly, lowering the risk of pressure ulcers. There are various ergonomic wheelchair seat cushions, but not all fit a variety of chairs to ensure your comfort and health.

What should I know about ROHO/Air wheelchair cushions?

ROHO air wheelchair cushion

The ROHO Air wheelchair cushion has the most advanced and natural design of any seat cushion on the market. They’re expensive, but their adaptable design ensures the patient’s safety like no other. Those with painful skin diseases may find the high-quality air cushion a welcome relief.

The air cells of a ROHO are soft and flexible, and they are linked together via tiny channels to provide a pressure-relieving wheelchair cushion. By doing so, air may flow from one cell to the next at a measured and manageable rate. The cushion supports the user’s weight since it is spread evenly throughout its surface.

Why are Roho wheelchair cushions unique?

A Roho cushion’s special technique of interconnecting neoprene air cells that expand and contract in air volume to meet an individual’s contours reduces pressure on the sitting region while increasing blood flow.

ROHO air cushions are distinguished from their competitors by several essential concepts, the most prominent of which are the Six Degrees of Freedom, Insufficient Surface Tension, Reduced Sticking, and Shear Forces.

Why choose Roho air cushions?

ROHO’s Dry Flotation distinguishes it from other wheelchair cushions. The unique arrangement of soft, flexible, interconnecting air-filled cells comprising the Roho cushion replicates water’s pressure equalization and buoyancy. In a dry cushion, Roho cushions simulate the sensation of floating. This prevents pressure sores from growing and accelerates the healing of existing ulcers. 

Not only does the Roho cushion reduce friction and shear, but it is also comfortable for all-day use. Roho cushions are ideal for providing comfort and convenience to the user.

Roho Cushion enhancer design

What else should you know about Roho/Air wheelchair cushions?

If we talk about wheelchair cushions, Roho/Air makes some of the most responsive and intelligent options. Their adjustable design makes them ideal for providing patients with unparalleled protection, but they also tend to be more expensive than other cushions.

Because of their exceptional quality, air-based cushions are an excellent option for anyone dealing with unpleasant skin disorders or seeking relief.

Let’s talk about a one-of-a-kind Roho wheelchair cushion that you must have.

Roho ENHANCER Cushion

When it comes to wheelchair cushions, the ENHANCER® cushion is unlike any other alternative. By providing a contoured shape and a two-manifold system, the user can experience favorable midline channeling of the legs and enhanced lateral stability. It is made up of soft, pliable material. Furthermore, the enhancer cushion’s unique form discourages sacral sitting while promoting tissue health.

The unusual contoured shape of the ENHANCER is created by flexible air cells of varying heights. The two-manifold system permits the adjustment of 

1) the internal bucket seat section for reduced pressure on the ischia and coccyx and 

2) the two outer perimeter rows for increased stability and placement.

Combining the two design characteristics produces a cushion that conforms to the user’s body, giving superior pressure distribution, minimal shear forces, and a progressive posture.


  1. Variable cell heights improve lateral stability and body placement while allowing for the channeling of the legs.
  2. Air can move freely within and between each air cell.
  3. Using a dual-manifold design enables targeted adjustments that simultaneously improve placement and stability and reduce pressure on bony prominences.
  4. Simple to clean with soap and water, and steam autoclavable.
  5. Long-lasting neoprene rubber cells are flame- and oil- and medicine-resistant.
  6. Cushions that can be repaired have a longer useful life.
  7. A washable, two-way stretch cover that “breathes” with each change of position enables proper immersion into the cushion.
  8. Portable pump and repair kit.
  9. Free delivery.

Product Specifications:


Product Weight








Cushion Type






Seat Width


Seat Depth


Cushion Weight


Medicare HCPCS Code


3.5 lbs


12″ – 20″


12″ – 20″






K0736, K0737


Two Year Limited


16″, 18″, 20″


16″, 18″


3.5 lbs.




Return Policy:

This product is not returnable, unfortunately. Items damaged during delivery or received in error will be repaired or replaced at the expense of 1800wheelchair.com.

If you are not 100% pleased with your product, they provide a 30-day return with a 10% to 30% restocking fee for most items


24-Month Limited Warranty.

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This Style cushion provides stability and comfort. I have used the Quadtro in the past. This is far more comfortable.
Anita M
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This cushion is excellent for avoiding or treating a pressure wound.
Karl H.
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Expensive but worth it if you're dealing with pressure sores.


Choose an Option…

12″ x 12″ (6 cells x 6 cells)

12″ x 13″ (6 cells x 7 cells)

15″ x 15″ (8 cells x 8 cells)

15″ x 16″ (8 cells x 9 cells)

16″ x 18″ (9 cells x 10 cells)

16″ x 16″ (9 cells x 9 cells)

16″ x 15″ (9 cells x 8 cells)

18″ x 18″ (10 cells x 10 cells)

18″ x 20″ (10 cells x 11 cells)

18″ x 16″ (10 cells x 9 cells)

20″ X 18″ (11 cells x 10 cells)


Monthly payments:

Monthly payment options are also available if you are unable to pay a single sum. Payments are as low as $15.23 per month

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How to pump air into the Roho cushion?

You may pump air into your Roho cushion by following the procedures and images below.

Push the iso flow memory control unit to the right at

Push the iso flow memory control unit to the right at 1:15.

Turn the air valve to the left.

at 1:41 you’ll see how to turn the air valve to the left.

Attach the air pump to inflate the cushion.

 1:46 Attach the air pump to inflate the cushion.

Close the air valve by turning to the right

1:55  Close the air valve by turning to the right.

Place the plastic bag over your glove.

2:26 Place the plastic bag over your glove.

Loosen the air valve allowing the air to escape, and a person starts to sink into the cushion

2:57 Loosen the air valve allowing the air to escape, and a person starts to sink into the cushion.

Sit in correct posture

3:39  When the person sits in the correct posture, lock the iso flow memory unit by turning it to the left.