15 Date Ideas for Wheelchair Users


ou have just met someone special and you want to make a good first impression by planning an awesome date! What should you do if your date happens to be a wheelchair user? It is essential that you plan something fun and doesn’t dwell on the person’s limitations or disability. In addition, you want to plan something that both of you can enjoy, and allows you to get to know each other better. Below are 15 of the best date ideas for wheelchair users.


This fun date idea will provide lots of fun and allow you to learn about each other’s competitive side. Most bowling alleys have food courts with quite an impressive selection to choose from. Some even serve alcohol. Make preparations in advance for this date by contacting the bowling alley of your choice and reserving an accessible ramp, which is a small inexpensive ramp, for your date.

date ideas wheelchair user bowling


Many people have the love of movies in common. A movie date is one of the most popular first date options. But, you can make it more interesting by going to an IMAX movie, or even better, and IMAX 3D movie! The huge screen will captivate you and transport you both to another world. It’s also a great conversation starter afterwards.

date ideas wheelchairs users movie theatre cinema


A dinner date is a great way to get to know someone. Learn ahead of time what your special someone’s favorite type of food is and choose a restaurant. Plan ahead of time by contacting the restaurant to confirm it is wheelchair accessible.

date ideas wheelchair usres dinner

Carnivals and Street Fairs

If you and your special someone enjoy tapping into your inner child, go to a carnival or street fair. There is usually a wide variety of tasty food, fun games and rides.

date ideas wheelchair users carnival street fairs

Star Gazing

Do you both share a common interest of space and science? Make your evening romantic by having a picnic under the stars. Brink along a telescope for a closer look at the stars. This date will provoke plenty of conversation and allow you to get to know your date’s deepest thoughts about the universe.

date ideas wheelchair users star gazing

Visit the Zoo or Aquarium

Learn ahead of time if your date likes animals. Find out their favorite animal and allow the answer to help you choose if the zoo or aquarium is best suited for your date. During the date, make it a point to visit your special someone’s favorite animal and take pictures as a fond memory.

date ideas wheelchair users zoo

Art Galleries and Museums

Do you both love art work? Are you artists? Visit your local art museum and study each piece as you browse the collections. Contact the art gallery of your choice to see if they have any special events planned for the day your date is scheduled. You may be surprised, some art galleries have wine tastings, concerts and special guest speakers. Imagine if your date’s favorite artist is speaking that evening, what an impression you will make on your date to be so thoughtful.

date ideas wheelchair users art gallery museums

Cook Together

If you both enjoy cooking, spend the evening cooking a delicious meal together. You can even make it interesting by having a cooking challenge competition between the both of you. This makes the evening exciting while you cook and afterwards you get to focus on romance and enjoying a delicious meal together.

date ideas wheelchair users cooking

Comedy Clubs

Laughter is an excellent way to begin a date! It puts you both in a good mood and allows for easy conversation afterwards. Many comedy clubs also offer food and drinks during the show. Contact the comedy club ahead of time to confirm it is wheelchair accessible.

date ideas wheelchair users comedy club

Casino Night

If you both enjoy the high energy and excitement of a casino make your date night interesting, visit your local casino! Most casinos have drinks, food, music, live shows and a fun atmosphere. Call ahead of time to assure it is wheelchair accessible.

date ideas wheelchair users casino

Sporting Events

Do you both cheer for the same athletic team? Almost all stadiums located within the United States are wheelchair accessible. Buy the tickets and book the date, your evening will be filled with excitement, tasty food and fun!

date ideas wheelchair users sports

Music Concert

Many people love all different types of music. If you and your date enjoy the same band, singer or type of music, go to a concert for your date. Whether the concert venue is at a stadium, theater, auditorium, small bar or outdoors, call ahead of time to confirm if the venue is wheelchair accessible. Also check to see where the accessible seating is located so you know exactly where to go when you arrive for the concert. This exciting date will have you and your date rocking out to your favorite music and enjoying every moment!

date ideas wheelchair users

Winery Tour

Do you both love learning about and tasting wine? Vineyards are located throughout the United States. You will surprised where you will find a vineyard. Check in your city or surrounding area for a winery. This is a romantic date that generally includes a tour of the winery, wine tasting, food pairings and a beautiful scenery.

date ideas wheelchair users wine tour


This is an excellent option for a casual first date. Billiard rooms and bars generally have an energetic atmosphere that you can enjoy playing billiards, having a few drinks, showing your competitive spirit and even singing karaoke.

date ideas wheelchair users billiards

Fishing and Nature Trails

Does a date in the fresh air sound like the perfect fit for you and your special someone? Go to your local pier and relax while doing some fishing and enjoying the view. You can have a quiet conversation and get to know each other better. Many parks have wheelchair accessible nature trails that allow you to stroll along, have a great conversation and savor every moment in nature.

date ideas wheelchair users nature trails fishing

When planning a date with someone who uses a wheelchair, always plan ahead of time. Contact the venue and assure that it is wheelchair accessible and make reservations for ramps or any special entrance that needs to be used. Avoid discussing the wheelchair on the first few dates. That discussion is usually reserved for when the wheelchair user is ready to share their story. Focus on fun, excitement and romance while on any of these awesome date ideas!