Unpacking Accessibility: How to Choose the Best Travel Bag for Your Wheelchair

Best Travel Bag for Your Wheelchair

If you use a wheelchair, you understand how irritating it can be to carry all the weight of your stuff.

Your laptop, handbag, papers, and groceries all can fall from your lap and wheelchair, ruining either your workday or your lunch.

However, with the daily use of a practical and functional wheelchair backpack, you will never lose your belongings and have enough storage.

Can a standard backpack be attached to a wheelchair?

While many wheelchairs have enough room for a standard backpack to fit under the seat or at the back handles, many users would benefit more from a wheelchair-specific backpack.

Another reason to invest in a wheelchair bag is that using inclined wheelchair ramps increases the likelihood of your backpack slipping out from under the seat.

Our Picks for the Best Wheelchair Bags

Different wheelchair users have different needs, so we’ve compiled a list of wheelchair-compatible bags ranging from extremely large to practical wheelchair bags in a wide range of sizes and styles, making it easy for you to search.

Diestco Deluxe Seatback Bag

Diestco’s Deluxe Seatback Bag features multiple storage spaces with a large main compartment, a zipper pouch, and two smaller pockets for organizing your stuff. It individually connects to equipment with seatbacks between 7″ and 21″, including those of travel bicycles and high-back powerchairs.

Another central selling point is its weatherproof nylon construction and the low price (almost $83). Also, the bag is excellent for everyday use because it requires little upkeep and is simple and easy to clean.

Diestco Deluxe Seatback Bag 2
Diestco Deluxe Seatback Bag

Alex shared his review of the Diestco Deluxe Seatback Bag and said that the bag is all he expected and seems to be made very well. It was convenient for his scooter seatback, and he used it to carry many things that would have been hard to manage otherwise. He also said that he would tell everyone to get one for their mobility scooters.

Diestco Wheelchair Small Glove Box

The Diestco Small Glove Box is a bag that can be attached to the underside of a wheelchair seat’s structure. You can fit your phone, tissues, medication, cards, pens, keys, and other small things in this open-front under-seat storage bag.

The storage bag is designed to fit around the seat post, seat lock, and any other framework beneath the seat.

The bag can be securely fastened with screws. If the chair has no screw holes, the hook-and-loop straps can be fastened around any chair’s legs.

Thanks to the sturdy straps with grommets, the under-seat compact storage bag is made of high-quality, water-resistant fabric and measures 9 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 3 inches deep.

A video showing how convenient it is to attach a small glove box to the wheelchair.

large glove box 1

Diestco Front Armrest Bag

Wheelchair users who need a small, easily accessible box to store their things in will find the Diestco Front Armrest Bag to be a helpful accessory. Wallets, mobile phones, keys, and other small items that you want to keep near at hand will fit perfectly.

It is made of solid nylon and closes with a zipper, so you can be sure its contents will always be safe while traveling.

It attaches and detaches from the armrest quickly and easily, and it works with various standard wheelchair armrests. It’s also very light, so it won’t make your wheelchair any heavier than it already is. 

A video shows how to attach the bag to the wheelchair armrest.

Diestco Front Armrest Bag 1
Diestco Front Armrest Bag 2

Diestco Monster Seatback Bag

The Diestco Monster Scooter’s rear bag provides huge storage space.

Scooter and wheelchair users can use this large bag for various purposes, including shopping, cleaning, groceries, and more. The sturdy fabric bag has a frame that holds it open and a lid that snaps shut over the frame to keep its contents safe.

It is s an American-made product with dimensions of 13 inches in width, 18 inches in height, and 10 inches in depth. The bag can be attached to most scooters and wheelchairs, including those with a high back, as long as the seatback is between 7 and 24 inches wide.

Even the straps can be adjusted to fit both the padded backs of scooter seats and the push grips of wheelchairs.

The Diestco Monster Bag features high-quality, water-resistant fabric and sturdy nylon webbing straps.

Wk shared his and said, “If you’re looking for a bag like this, it is one of your best options.” It’s well-made and sturdy, and it can easily transport lots of stuff for daily use. I went grocery shopping on my scooter and got home with four bags and a gallon of milk. The monster bag fits it all, with plenty of room to spare. The two side pouches are handy for storing small items that I must always have on hand. I love this bag!!”

Diestco Monster Seatback Bag 2
Diestco Monster Seatback Bag 3
Diestco Monster Seatback Bag 1

Walker Wheelchair Bag

The Granny Jo Wheelchair, Walker, or Scooter Bag is 16 inches in length and 9 inches in width, and it is made out of 100% cotton duck fabric, constructed with numerous pockets and pouches to keep your belongings secure and well-organized.

The bag’s straps are adjustable in length and fasten with clip fasteners, making it suitable for use with a wide variety of mobility aids.

Ehtel H reviewed it as “great to carry your phone and other necessities while at home and when traveling elsewhere. The bag is strong and very well made. It made my life so much better!”

Walker wheelchair bag 1
Walker wheelchair bag 2

Drainage Bag Holder

No doubt, the Drainage Bag holder is a handy addition to mobility aids such as scooters, wheelchairs, and walkers for those who require a urine collection bag.

The cover can be connected securely to the chair’s back and covers the drainage bag, keeping it out of sight.

Apart from a wheelchair bag, it can be hung under a wheelchair, geriatric chair, scooter, or walker and is large enough to accommodate most urine bags with measurements of 13.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches high.

It is very reasonably priced ($19) and lightweight, and it can be washed easily, making it easier to use.

“The product is excellent. It discreetly fits under the transport chair, and the aides like it too. “Yes, I would recommend it to anyone,” said one user on a forum.

Drainage Bag Holder 1
Drainage Bag Holder 2

Wheelchair Travel Carry Bag

Towing, lifting, and loading a wheelchair into a public transportation vehicle are the most common causes of damage to a wheelchair, so using a protective luggage bag like this can help keep it safe on the go.

Measuring 31″ x 13″ x 27″, the Wheelchair travel carry bag is sturdy, lightweight, and specially designed for Featherweight 13.5 lbs. Wheelchair and the Heavy Duty Featherweight will keep your electric wheelchair safe during transit by car, coach, or airplane.

Jhon L shared his review as he was concerned that the gate check would damage his father’s lightweight wheelchair. It took us a few minutes to figure out how to get the wheelchair into the travel bag, but we practiced at home before our flight. The wheelchair bag is a perfect and inexpensive method of protecting the featherlight chair!

Wheelchair Travel Carry bag 1
Wheelchair Travel Carry bag 2


All the bags mentioned above are designed to be wheelchair compatible and to ease daily carrying tasks. You can order them online easily with minimal shipping charges.

Before You Go

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