Top gifts for handicapped adults

Top gifts for handicapped adults

It’s essential to put a lot of thought into finding gifts for disabled people that are practical but also meaningful and appropriate.

The best gifts for people with disabilities are ones that meet both their physical and emotional needs. It’s the thought that matters, indeed.

Best gifts for disabled people

Many considerate and great gifts can make the lives of those with disabilities simpler, ranging from adaptive tools to assistive technology. We’ve compiled a list of potential gifts to simplify holiday shopping.

Our gift guide will surely give you ideas for people with disabilities.

Alexa -Echo Dot

Alexa is a voice-activated digital assistant that can be used with a smart device such as the Echo Dot. You just have to say a single word, “Alexa.”

Voice commands, notes, alerts, media playback (e.g., audio, videos, ebooks), and so on are just examples of what it can do. Not only that, but it also provides real-time news, traffic reports, and weather forecasts.

Echo-dot makes life easy for everyone, but notably for disabled people. Voice activation allows people who can’t move their hands to turn on lights, change the temperature, and open doors.

Amazon Echo Dot

Gifts for wheelchair users 

People in wheelchairs will surely rejoice in these gifts:

Wheelchair cushion

Gifting a wheelchair cushion to someone who uses a manual wheelchair is excellent, particularly if they suffer from chronic conditions such as pain. The EquaGel Protector Cushion, for example, has a cooling gel center and a pressure-relieving foam cover. In addition to being cheap, it also comes in a range of different styles.  We recommend shopping for Roho cushions too.

ROHO air wheelchair cushion

Cup Holder

A cup holder for a wheelchair can hold drinks, is easy to attach and remove, and is easy to clean. Our pick is the Diestco Unbreakable Cup Holder, which fits various chair types and can hold big bottles for on-the-go hydration. It is also convenient for a user to store items in it!

Diestco Unbreakable Cup Holder

Wheelchair gloves

You can make your friend or family member’s life simpler by giving them a pair of Care+Wear wheelchair gloves, as studies indicate that nearly half of all paraplegic people experience symptoms typical of carpal tunnel syndrome. These gloves can be washed in a washing machine, are unisex, and work with touch displays.

Care+Wear Mobility Gloves

Wheel pouch

A new wheelchair pouch might be helpful for a person who uses a wheelchair. We recommend the Bodypoint Wheelchair Mobility Bag, which costs $69, comes in various styles and colors, and can be attached to a wheelchair’s wheel, arm, or back to make storage easy.

Bodypoint Mobility Bag, Black

Mobility Bike

For those family members who cannot travel long distances, consider renting a mobility bike.

Assistive Technology Gift Ideas

The quality of life of disabled people can be greatly enhanced by buying them gifts that help with their daily routine.

Text-to-speech and voice-recognition apps and internet-connected smart home appliances are examples.

In this case, the Wobrikosee Light Therapy Lamp works really well, especially for people with disabilities who are trying to deal with depression. It mimics the effect of natural light, even on cloudy days, which can help people feel better. 

Light therapy lamp

Wireless Handsfree

People with disabilities often find it challenging to listen to music because they fear having the cable twisted in their wheelchairs.

We recommend iJoy wireless headphones for using the phone and listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, text-to-speech, and other audio content without having to deal with annoying wires. They are also foldable, rechargeable, and have an embedded microphone.

iJoy headphones

Digital lock opener

Using the home keys is a typical disability issue. For those with hand or vision impairments, inserting a key into a lock is extremely difficult.

Hands-Free Smart Door Lock and Opener make it simple to lock and unlock doors in various convenient ways, including automatically when users enter or exit your home, by entering a PIN code using raised buttons, by voice command, or even by biometrics.

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock

Magnetic charger & Adapter

Connecting electronic devices can be difficult for individuals with limited mobility. In addition to bending over and reaching, the person has to line up the pins exactly, which can be hard and frustrating.

We recommend a magnetic power adaptor from Amazon because it’s easy to connect electronics, has different lengths, and can make our loved ones’ lives easier.

Sensory items

Sensory devices like fidget toys may benefit those with sensory processing disorders and can help increase sensory stimulation. Some of the ideas are,

  • Therapeutic putty. Whether you’re shopping for a child or an adult, therapy putty makes a wonderful present for anyone dealing with anxiety or stress.

We recommend Pinch Me Therapeutic putty, as it has a soft, spongy feel, a relaxing scent, and soothing colors, all of which lift one’s spirits. On the other hand, it can help build muscle in the wrists and enhance fine motor skills.

Pinch Me Therapy Dough
  • Audiobooks. If you have a family member or friends who are visually challenged or have trouble getting to the library, consider getting them Amazon Audio as a gift. The user will appreciate access to thousands of audiobooks that cater to a wide variety of interests.

Adaptive Clothing

Due to a lack of executive functioning skills, people with physical disabilities may find it hard to dress.

As a gift, think about giving clothes with Velcro or magnetic fasteners that can be changed.

Always buy shirts, pants, dresses, and skirts with side openings in the back and slots for medical devices.

We love Tommy Hilfiger’s short-sleeved, fake button-down shirts with hidden Velcro tabs and matching shorts with pull-up hooks and slide-up closures.

Comfort Items

Adults with disabilities always appreciate gifts that provide comfort, security, and convenience.

A disabled person may be incredibly grateful for gifts like a heating pad or a soft blanket.

Stuffed animal

The stuffed animals are perfect for special-needs children. They’re cute, fluffy, and lovable but also help disabled kids emotionally and practically.

The Vermont Teddy Bear is a great gift for kids who would appreciate having something that shows their leg difference.

15_ Limb Loss & Limb Difference Bear

White noise machine 

For those who have friends who have trouble sleeping, a White noise machine from elesories could be the best gift. The suggested model comes with a built-in speaker and 24 calming sounds. Also, white noise machines are an excellent way to calm down kids who are irritable or who have Down syndrome.

Weighted blanket

People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or autism may benefit from using weighted blankets to help them calm down and be less sensitive to physical stimulation. One of the Mosaic Weighted Blankets also offers customization, costing around 130$. 

Heating pads

Wraps and pads that generate heat increase circulation relieving muscular pain and stiffness. These items are perfect for anyone in the family.

Lap tray 

A lap tray is inexpensive and surprisingly trendy, which makes it an excellent gift for disabled people of any age. We suggest the Easy-Release lap tray. It can be fastened with Velcro and works with most common wheelchairs.

Consider presenting grooming tools, shower chairs, and bath mats as presents.

Secure SLC 1 Easy Release Wheelchair Lap Tray Safety Positioning Cushion Fits 1822 2222 Wheelchairs Non Restraint Closure

Food Subscription Boxes

A fundamental problem for people with disabilities is navigating the grocery shop. Asking for help can be embarrassing, and getting a big chair through a narrow doorway can make loved ones anxious and lower their self-esteem.

Avoid all the inconvenience and offer the gift of a food subscription package. A wide variety is available, but some recommendations are Blue Apron or Hello Fresh

These boxes are brought directly to the house with all the materials users need to create a healthy and delicious home-cooked dinner.


Especially for female loved ones, you cannot go wrong with a lovely piece of jewelry.

Always consider her preferences and allergies, but what woman wouldn’t admire a beautiful necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings for the holidays?

Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with Braille, such as one from LorasDouglas Jewelry, are available in a variety of different accessories, providing the visually impaired with a variety of options. Fidget jewelry may help with autism, anxiety, and ADHD.

But it can also be given to men, such as a magnetic closure band for a disabled person, because it is stylish and functional. Our favorites are men’s magnetic bands, including a designer sterling and black onyx bracelet and a $17 three-pack of trendy leather bracelets.

Braille Necklace

Gift Cards

Gift cards to handicap-friendly restaurants, movie theaters, and other places are always appreciated because people can go out and have fun without worrying about mobility.

On the other hand, shopping for gift cards for iTunes, Netflix, or Amazon is suggested if someone prefers to stay home.


Our disabled family and friends often have negative perceptions of themselves and their situations due to the mental anxieties that come from having these disabilities.

The best present you can give someone, or someone with disabilities, is your time, so try not to let their negative emotions take over their thoughts.


We hope you found an item on the above list of holiday gifts for disabled people that would be ideal for the person in your life. We also know that the quality of life for disabled people should never be skimped on, so read here another recommendation list for the best shoes for handicapped adults