Top 15 Halloween Wheelchair Costumes Decorations


It’s that time of year again when the weather is cooling down from those hot summer months and the first exciting holiday of the season is about to arrive. It’s Halloween! Adults and children alike enjoy creating unique costumes every year. Put your arts and craft skills to work and start creating your amazing homemade Halloween costume decoration for your wheelchair. Below are our top 15 favorites Halloween wheelchair costumes decorations that you might want to consider for you or your loved ones this year!

Construction Worker

halloween wheelchair 01 1
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If you or your child enjoy the exciting world of construction equipment, you will adore this great Halloween decoration wheelchair costume. You just need some yellow paint, poster board, glue and tape for this fun costume. Paint the poster board construction color yellow, allow it to dry completely and carefully cut the pieces and adhere them together with either glue or tape, as you see in the picture. If you have a black wheelchair it will compliment the costume perfectly.

Medieval Knight

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This costume is great for those love horses and the Medieval time era. This wheelchair decoration suits all ages from children to senior citizens. Colorful burgundy and black fabric and a large stuffed animal horse is needed to create this charming costume. Measure your wheelchair and sew the fabric together, then cover your wheelchair with the fabric. Don’t forget to strategically place the horse so that his head appears as if the rider is riding horseback.

Pirate Ship

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Pirates! With all of the captivating and intriguing pirate movies out today there are many fans of pirate ships. Plus the pirate costume is a favorite of many people every year. You will need to take a trip to the arts and craft store to create this incredible costume. Remember to add fun accessories such as skulls, cob webs and a treasure map.

Military Tank

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This military inspired costume is a good choice for children and adults. Your crafting skills will need to be at a strong level to create this interesting costume. A variety of products are needed to create this amazing wheelchair costume, items include plywood, paint, compressor, pipe and lights. Have a great time showing off your Halloween costume as you guide your tank to your next destination.

Ice Cream Truck

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Who loves ice cream? So many people get so excited and happy when they see an ice cream truck, why not make it your Halloween wheelchair costume? This creative costume will bring smiles to your family and friends. Your creativity will run wild as you enjoy painting and designing your very own unique ice cream truck.

Bumble Bee

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Buzz, Buzz… This adorable bee costume will get lots of attention. You can create the yellow nest out of pool noodles and duck tape them together. It doesn’t matter what color the noodles are because you are going to paint them with vibrant yellow paint. Don’t forget your bee wings and colorful yellow and black clothing to make the costume pop.

Star Wars

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Fans of Star Wars are going to enjoy this amazing wheelchair costume. A few purchases at the hardware store for the attachments on the side of the wheelchair may be necessary. This thrilling costume is great for all ages and Star Wars enthusiasts.

Music DJ

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Pump up the music and enjoy the beat as you captivate everyone’s attention with this fun costume. Those who love music and are interested in being a DJ will want to create this costume for sure! A card board box, some paint and a bit of an imagination will help you create your own DJ spinning wheels and much more.

Batman and his Bat Mobile

Halloween batman wheelchair 09
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Get ready to become the ultimate superhero when you transform your wheelchair into the Bat Mobile. Black fabric, poster board, Batman symbols and a great Batman costume is all you need to become your favorite super hero. This costume is great for all ages and for those who enjoy the Batman comics and movies. It’s also a great costume create a theme with friends. See if some of your friends want to dress up for Halloween as the Joker and other characters related to the Batman series.


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Almost every little girl wants to be a princess. This beautiful costume will make your wishes come true as you create the Cinderella coach as part of your costume. You will definitely need to take a trip to the craft store to pick up items to create this fairy tale look. Add as many sparkles and items that will make you feel like a princess. This costume is a popular choice for children and adults.


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The entire family can join in on the fun with this exciting wheelchair costume. Create the Flintstones trusty car out of a variety of items including fabric, string and other items you will like to use to create this unique style car. Ask your family and friends to dress up as the other Flintstone characters such as Betty, Fred, Barney, Wilma and BamBam. 

Pee Wee Herman

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Do you love Pee Wee Herman? If you do, this costume is perfect for you! Express your enthusiasm for the fun and playful character by decorating your wheel chair with fabric and dressing in Pee Wee Herman’s favorite suit. You will need colorful fabric, paint and a sewing machine for to create this delightful costume for your wheelchair.


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Rock n’ Roll all night! This fun and colorful costume can be made with poster board, paint, tin pie plates and drum sticks of course. Add music so you can drum along to your favorite song. Don’t forget your cool sunglasses and your rock n’ roll hairstyle, this will help you complete the overall look of your costume. 

Thomas the Train Tank Engine

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Thomas the Train Tank Engine is a favorite of many children. This costume will bring a smile to your friends and family as you imitate Thomas the Train during the exciting Halloween holiday. This costume is great for all ages. You will need paint, ply wood and lots of creativity to create your very own Thomas the Train Tank Engine costume. Enjoy surprising many people with this amazing costume. 

Emelia Earhart

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Do you like Amelia Earhart? You can become her for one fantastic Halloween night with this thrilling wheelchair costume. You will need items such as cardboard, Styrofoam and paint to create this fun costume. Don’t forget your pilot jacket and goggles to add the finishing touches to the entire costume.

Make your Halloween fun and exciting with these amazing wheelchair costumes. You are sure to impress your friends and family with the above creative ideas. Enjoy your day dressed as your favorite superhero, your favorite hobby and much more. Use your creativity and imagination to make the costume express who you are and add a little sparkle when you want to. Enjoy your Halloween and your fun wheelchair costumes from your friends at Rolstoel.