Top 5 wheelchair-accessible vacations in Texas


Texas offers you everything you are looking for. It has some unique wheelchair-accessible places you can shortlist for a fantastic vacation.

Here are the top 7 wheelchair-accessible places in Texas where you can plan a fun trip with your family and friends:

Morgan’s Wonderland

Morgan's Wonderland

Morgan’s wonderland is the first-ever theme park with something to offer everyone. This theme park fits the best for people with disabilities.

Morgan, the daughter of Gordon Hartman, the owner of this theme park, was a differently-abled kid. Like other kids, she wanted to play in a hotel swimming pool. However, other kids did not wish to interact with her due to her disability. This became the idea behind opening a theme park where people with and without disabilities can interact and have fun together.

This unique theme park focuses on providing amenities to differently-abled individuals. Spread across 25 acres in San Antonio, Texas, Morgan’s Wonderland is a non-profit organization.

Let us have a look at what this theme park has to offer to its customers:

Morgan's Wonderland map

You can see about 25 ultra-accessible attractions in Morgan’s Wonderland. Let it be a Ferris wheel or an express train. Everything here is wheelchair-accessible. Let us look at some fantastic rides and attractions that Morgan’s wonderland offers:

Taking flight

Morgan's Wonderland hand sculpture

As soon as you enter this wonderland, you’ll spot a bronze sculpture about 25 feet tall, serving a warm welcome.

The bronze sculpture ‘Taking Flight’ shows a differently-abled individual with butterfly wings- It denotes that any individual’s inabilities don’t bind them or keep them away from happiness.

Butterfly Playground

Morgan's Wonderland wheelchair friendly swing

Moving forward, you’ll see a butterfly playground. Everybody loves to play regardless of their age or disabilities. This playground has something for every age group. Have a look:

  • Wheelchair-accessible playscapes
  • Ground-level gizmos
  • Sensory village
  • Wheelchair accessible swings
  • Sand circle
  • Music garden

If that’s not sufficient, don’t worry. There’s a lot to explore.


Morgan's Wonderland wheelchair friendly carousel

A popular 36-foot Ultra- accessible attraction is the giant carousel in Morgan’s wonderland. Just like other carousel animals, it has a ‘chariot’ exclusively made for people with disabilities. The carousel lacks sharp movements and bright colored lights to make it friendly for people with sensory sensitivities. Isn’t it a good fit for every need?

Flutterby Theatre

Morgan's Wonderland flutterny theatre



Flutterby theatre in Morgan’s wonderland is a good platform where you can enjoy solo performances by magicians and dancers, music shows, and many more.

A similar Starlight Amphitheater is situated near the lake, where you can enjoy performances while experiencing the natural breeze in the area.

Pirate Island

Morgan's Wonderland pirate island

Pirate Island on the dock of The Wharf- inspired by the remains of the pirate ship that tended to change the land. Here, you’ll enjoy folks along with a wheelchair-accessible playscape or Sway Fun while listening to the island tunes.

Moving forward, you’ll also see the sand circle and music garden, where you can enjoy building sand castles and playing music. You can also get a beach-friendly wheelchair inside.

Sensory Village

As the name suggests, this attraction in Morgan’s wonderland encourages mindfulness and sensory learning. It has about five different activity rooms, each for a different experience:

  • KMWL-TV newsroom
  • Microsoft experience
  • The village market grocery store
  • Shadow room
  • Exploration station

The Picnic Place

Morgan's Wonderland picnic spot

The picnic place is the largest ultra-accessible pavilion in Morgan’s wonderland, a perfect spot to sit and enjoy gatherings on the corner of the park. Here you can enjoy homemade sandwiches and relax in the shade.




Morgan’s wonderland has a unique wheelchair-accessible water park that comprises about ten splash play elements for the perfect sensory-friendly fun, which is a must-visit.

Whirling wonder and wonderland express

The Ferris wheel is next Starlight Amphitheater. This 90s-style toy train gives you the experience of enjoying a ride. You can board a wheelchair-accessible wonderland express. 

Food and gifts for your beloved ones

For food lovers, Morgan’s munchies and Little Italy Bistro offers you great food and drinks which you can enjoy with your family.

You can also shop from the Squad Shoppe. Here you can buy gifts for your friends and family as a memory of this fantastic theme park.

To plan your next trip to Morgan’s Wonderland, call them at (210) 495-5888.

Riverwalk, San Antonio

Riverwalk, San Antonio

If you are looking for wheelchair-accessible vacations in Texas, you must take a Riverwalk, San Antonio tour. Riverwalk San Antonio offers an excellent riverside experience to all its guests regardless of age, gender, and disabilities. It’s open 24/7 for visitors and is free of cost.

The Riverwalk is spread across a 5-mile radius, full of towering lush green trees, restaurants, wheelchair-accessible restrooms, museums, shops, and recreational spots on the riverside. Here’s everything you shouldn’t miss out on your visit to Riverwalk:

Riverwalk, San Antonio map

Sandy oaks olive orchard

Riverwalk, San Antonio sandy oaks olive orchard

Do you want to see the first-ever olive orchards in texas?

It’s here in Riverwalk, San Antonio. Sandy oaks olive orchard is vast, comprising 11000 tree orchards. The olives are used to manufacture skincare and culinary products. They are available in gift shops and online platforms.

You can also enjoy a free tour on Saturdays at 11:30 am. This orchard provides enough space to organize weddings for up to 75 people. Who wouldn’t wish to have their most special day at such an aesthetic place?

Range, A Jason Dady restaurant

Riverwalk, San Antonio Range restaurant

How can you skip the food by Jason Dady?

Savor your taste buds with excellent food by Jason Dady in Riverwalk, San Antonio. This modern American chophouse offers top-notch beef and a range of flavorsome seafood and oysters. The restaurant was ranked in the top 10 Best New Restaurants in Texas in 2018.

Also, don’t miss the soul-nourishing meal inside the Embassy, a hotel above the River Walk.

The DoSeum

Riverwalk, San Antonio - The DoSeum

Take your kids to the wheelchair-accessible Doseum. The Doseum near Riverwalk is a fantastic place to make your kids experience mindfulness through various programs and exhibitions.

This place promotes a joyful learning experience. Your child will love to discover and develop an interest in learning.

Hard Rock cafe

Riverwalk, San Antonio - Hard Rock Cafe

Are you looking to savor some fantastic giant meals near Riverwalk?

Here is where you need to go. Hard rock cafe situated near the Riverwalk is the perfect spot to bring an end to your hunger after having fun at the Riverwalk. While sitting on the chair with chicken on your fork, enjoy watching tourists singing on the boat passing nearby. Also, the food is so delicious that the flavor from the taste buds will never fade away.

Mad Dog’s British Pub

Riverwalk, San Antonio - Mad Dog's British Pub

In 1984, the Mad Dogs British Pub was opened. Yes, it remains open seven nights a week. Party freaks will love this place.

If you want to have fun with your mates and friends, turn to the right on the Riverwalk towards the pub. This British theme pub is situated beneath Hyatt Regency Hotel. This place is fully wheelchair accessible and offers a variety of imported beers and alcoholic beverages.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Riverwalk, San Antonio - Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

Being a seafood lover, you must be craving shrimp. In case you are near Riverwalk, here is where you can get a complete wheelchair-accessible restaurant where you can curb your shrimp cravings.

Also, don’t miss out on the flavourful ribs and burgers. I am pretty sure that you’ll love the atmosphere this restaurant offers.

Biga On The Banks

Riverwalk, San Antonio - Biga On The Banks

You’ll love this place if you are looking for wheelchair accessible, authentic Texan restaurant near Riverwalk.

Chef Bruce Auden has a lot to offer, including juicy seafood, lamb, game, and the one you can never miss “beef.” This restaurant is so good that you can find it in the top 5 best restaurants list.

Hotel Valencia Riverwalk

Riverwalk, San Antonio - Hotel Vilencia


Nothing can be as mesmerizing as Hotel Valencia Riverwalk.

Pleasing to eyes, this hotel, slightly away from Sea World, offers a capacity of 213 lavish rooms that are entirely wheelchair accessible. With a touch of Spanish Colonial and Modern Mediterranean design, this hotel can be your perfect place to stay after a long week.

This hotel was rated as the best hotel in San Antonio by Condé Nast Readers’ Choice Awards and can be your destination for the next trip.

Dave and Busters Rivercenter

Riverwalk, San Antonio Dave and Busters Rivercenter -

Dave and Busters Rivercenter is the best place to have fun on your visit to Riverwalk San Antonio. This fine place offers anything to everything. This place can never disappoint you, from delicious American food to a collection of the hottest new games.

Dave and Busters River center is an innovative wheelchair-accessible place near Riverwalk that offers amenities like a premium bar offering a wide range of beer and wines and a gaming center with an exclusive collection of games and crispy chicken wings. Don’t forget to watch their HDTV team before returning to your hotel.


Riverwalk, San Antonio - Zocca

Zocca at the Riverwalk, San Antonio, is a perfect Italian wheelchair-accessible restaurant for couple dates and family dinners. This restaurant offers authentic Italian food and a collection of premium wines.

The food is so good that you’ll plan your trip here again. The typical Italian ambiance is possibly the least you’d wish to miss.

Space Center, Houston

Space Center, Houston

For science and space lovers, Space Center, Houston is the perfect wheelchair-accessible location to plan a trip.

You can enter the premises from 10 am in the morning and stay up until 5 pm. Space Center, Houston, is a leading scientific research center for exploring and learning about space. 

The exciting part about this place is that every Friday and Saturday, a program is arranged for the visitors to interact with the astronauts and know their experiences.

This science exploration center has the most extensive collection of space suits worn by astronauts that have been to space. Also, it has a wide array of moon rocks on public display. 

The premises are 100% wheelchair accessible, and spare wheelchairs are also available for people with disabilities, which you can return while leaving.

Exhibits and Experiences

Space Center, Houston - Exhibits and experiences


Space Center at Houston is a complete display of art and science. Here you can see a real flown SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. 

The same Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket that was used to venture into space. Apart from that, you can also see spacecraft that were originally used to explore space, including Apollo 17 Command Module. 

A couple of space suits are also kept on display. The same spacesuits were used by real-time astronauts and are now kept at Space Center, Houston.


At the Space Center in Houston, you can also explore inside a wheelchair-accessible space shuttle replica that is mounted over the original NASA space shuttle carrier. 

Galaxy Lights at Space Center, Houston

Space Center, Houston - Galaxy Lights at Space Center

Galaxy lights at Space Center are one of the best tech advancements in Texas. Like stars in space, this wheelchair-accessible attraction in Texas is a complete display of lights that blink and illuminate to brighten up the surroundings.

A sequence of lights arranged above the main plaza blink in accordance with music to make different shapes and patterns. 

Here, there is a meaning hidden in every light pattern. Moving forward, you’ll see a 20- foot size twinkling tree that paves your way inside a winter wonderland. 

Get some hot chocolate while proceeding towards a 30-foot bright Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

Now, it’s time to get yourself some pictures clicked under a 200-foot LED light tunnel. 

The tunnel comprises almost 250,000 lights made to work in synchronization with each other. 

Finish your way throughout with six aluminum 20-foot-long illuminating trees representing all the Space station partners. 

Also, do not miss out on the falling snowflakes and snow flurry from the projector and snow machine.

The Food Lab

Space Center, Houston - The Food Lab

If you feel hungry after a great tour at Space Center Houston, fill your stomach with delicious food. The food does not resemble bland space food. Everything is delicious and full of flavors.

Start by getting yourself a coffee at Grounds Control, buy some pizza for your kids from Outer Crust, and then end with a classic grill dish from Velocity Grill. You can also grab a healthy salad bowl from Galaxy Greens.

Complete your day by shopping for some stuff for your friends and family from the gift shop. 

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas

Dallas Museum of Art in Dallas, Texas, is one such fantastic attraction for people with disabilities.


The Dallas Museum, Dallas is a fine place with a display of exclusive historical artifacts. The collection includes articles like:

Mississippian Art from Spiro

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas - Mississippian Art from Spiro

The artifact is dedicated to the Mississippian people and represents their culture. The Mississippian people established themselves in North America. The major artifacts that represent them include large earthen mounds, one of which you see at the Dallas Museum.

Cartier and Islamic Art: In Search of Modernity

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas - jewelry

The display includes jewelry and articles from India, Iran, and Arabic lands.

Guadalupe Rosales: Drifting on a Memory

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas - Guadalupe Rosales

The Guadalupe Rosales’s drifting on memory shows rich colors and detailed designs customized on vehicles and monuments.

Center for Creative Connections (C3)

Center for Creative Connections or C3 offers a creative environment regardless of age and disability. The space provides a complete wheelchair-friendly area where you get a 12,000-square-foot learning environment to:

  • Examine artworks.
  • Innovate ideas.
  • Interact with people of the same interests and local artists.

Museum store

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas - Museum store

Dallas Museum and be your next place to go for a vacation. The store at Dallas Museum is a wheelchair-accessible place where you can go and stop for something memorate to take home.

The store is full of artifacts that make you recall history. You may buy contemporary designs and historical treasures. Apart from that, you may also get children-friendly gifts inspired by ancient textiles and prints.

You may also utilize a fantastic discount of up to 10% on regular store items. The best part about all the items at the store is that every piece supports exhibitions, educational programming, and the Dallas Museum of Art activities.

DMA Cafe

Moving towards the north side of the museum, you’ll see DMA Cafe, where you can fill your stomach with delicious food.

The best part about every food Item is that it’s hand grown and handcrafted. Everything is freshly made, from a salad bowl to soups and sandwiches. You can also see a section of regional wines and beers worth trying.

Contact Dallas Museum of Art on the number 214-922-1200.

Texas State Aquarium, Corpus Christi

Texas State Aquarium, Corpus Christi

The best wheelchair-friendly attractions to spend time on vacation include the Texas state aquarium, Corpus Christi. Dive into marine life during a tour of this amazing aquarium.


Texas State Aquarium, Corpus Christi - Exhibits

The exhibits of the aquarium include marine animals and a variety of rainforest animals.

Starting with the interaction with friendly dolphins of dolphin bay and coming to the unique Caribean Sea predators gives you a thrilling experience. Watch colorful corals and Mesoamerican Barrier Reef’s deep underwater caverns.

Moving to the Aquatic nursery, watch the life cycle of fascinating jellyfish and sea horses. Explore the scary sharks in a not-so-scary way. Visit the swamp tales to come close to wetland animals, including the lazy turtles and scary alligators.

H-E-B Splash Park

HEB Splash Park is a wheelchair-friendly attraction in the Texas state aquarium. 

The water park fits even those who fear water depths. This zero-depth waterscape comprises water spray jets, cannons, and other interactive water features. 

You don’t have to pay extra to enter HEB Splash Park premises. Also, do not forget to carry sunscreen, a towel, water shoes, and swimwear.

Owens Paleo Park

Have you ever seen a real fossil?

It’s here at Owens Paleo park. It’s a fossil dig site where you can see the actual fossils. The artifacts are more than 13,000 years old.

Whataburger 4-Dimension Theatre

Texas State Aquarium, Corpus Christi - Whataburger 4-Dimension Theatre

Do not miss seeing the Whataburger 4-Dimension Theatre. This unique 4D theater with wheelchair access uses special technology and artificial effects. 

The experience seems so natural that you feel you’re a part of the movie. The movies are available every 30 minutes, and there is no need to spend extra bucks to watch them.

Food and Cafes

The Texas state aquarium has an impressive collection of shops and restaurants to offer delicious food to satisfy every taste bud. Comprising:

Pepsi Shoreline Grill:

The unique cafe offers griddle smashed burgers and hand-stretched pizzas. It also provides healthy options, including the grain bowl.


The Canopy represents South Texas food. It has chorizo con queso and house-made campechana. Apart from that, the menu also includes interesting, healthy portions.

The Black Porch:

Enjoy ice-cold drinks while sitting on the black porch. Accompany them with gourmet hot dogs and some good ole’ classics.

Aqua Dolce:

Get yourself some sweet tooth from Aqua Dolce. They serve delicious ice creams and soft pretzels. You’ve got to give it a try.

You’ll also get convenient handicap-accessible parking at the Texas state museum. Don’t forget to take pictures during your vacation.

To plan your next visit, call them at (361) 881-1230.


All the fantastic locations offer a tremendous wheelchair-friendly environment and something for every age group. 

You can also try visiting SeaWorld. It provides a ride accessibility program and the sixth-floor museum, previously known as the texas school book depository. 

You can explore several attractions in Downtown Dallas or visit the Dallas zoo to experience the Africa adventure safari monorail.