19 Futuristic Concept Wheelchair Designs


The future of the wheelchair seems promising after the release of new concept wheelchair designs. It seems technology is playing a large part in the newly designed wheelchairs. Inventors have focused on the needs of the disabled community as well as appearance, convenience and the lifestyle of the users. The following 19 futuristic concept wheelchair designs will highly benefit the disabled community in the coming years by enriching daily life through technology and innovation.

The Two Seat Wheelchair

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Wheelchair users often have family members, friends or a caregiver accompany them to a variety of places and events. The research revealed that many wheelchair users are capable of maneuvering around obstacles, but what bothers them most is the way people look at them and the wheelchair. Inventor Alexandre Pain tackled this issue by developing a wheelchair that looks great and accommodates an able-bodied passenger. The result is a sporty, vibrant wheelchair that deviates from its contemporary counterparts.

Shape-Shifting Wheelchair

futuristic wheelchair designs 02

This futuristic wheelchair is created to adapt to situations and change the center of gravity. The user can overcome barriers and obstacles easier by placing vertical pressure on the handle bar. This changes the round wheel to an ellipse making daily obstacles almost non-existent for wheelchair users.

Electrifying Wheelchair Mods

futuristic wheelchair designs 03

The NEWS concept wheelchair invention is basically a gadget that makes any standard manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair. It was designed to lock into the wheelchair wheels and is controlled with a joystick. This is an affordable option for those who are not able to afford power wheelchairs.

Sprightly Wheelchairs

futuristic wheelchair designs 04

The Lawrence Kwok Nimbl is pleasing concept wheelchair design to the eye and is constructed with carbon-fiber. It is specially made for home use. It is user-friendly, highly adjustable and allows for a smooth ride. This wheelchair will get the user from point A to B in style and comfort. In addition, this wheelchair looks like a valuable piece of furniture and will add to the home décor in many homes.

Ergonomic Wheelchairs

futuristic wheelchair designs 05

Caretakers and hospital staff understand one of the most difficult tasks is transferring a patient from the bed to the wheelchair. The IX Transfer System wheelchair is designed for frequent transfers. The design eliminates the risk of back injuries for caretakers and nurses. The innovative design allows the patient to ride in the wheelchair facing backward while a lifting mechanism lifts the patient and sets them down.

Hubless Accessible Seating

futuristic wheelchair designs 06

Designed by Josh Waite, the SessiO Wheelchair is a sophisticated and sleek wheelchair created with steel and sheet aluminum. It has a hubless accessible seat and is easily adjustable and controlled. Segway technology is used to balance and control the wheelchair. Five gyroscopic sensors are used to keep the wheelchair working and upright.

Illuminated Wheelchairs

futuristic wheelchair designs 07

Safety for wheelchair users has become a common concern, especially at night. Accidents have happened in parking lots and streets simply because a driver did not see the wheelchair user. Also, it is often difficult for wheelchair users to see at night when trying to maneuver through sidewalks and parking lots. Illuminated wheelchairs have LED lights that are powered by the rotating wheels. The lights illuminate allowing the user to navigate better in dark areas and it alerts others of the wheelchair user’s presence.

Brain Activity Based Wheelchairs

futuristic wheelchair designs 08

This invention is designed to allow severely paralyzed people to have independence and freedom. Researchers at the Singapore Republic Polytechnic School of Engineering have designed an app that works with the iPhone. The wheelchair user will wear a specialized headset that interprets brain signals and responds according to the user’s thoughts. Wheelchair users will focus and think of an action or object, such as moving towards something, the app senses the brain activity and moves the wheelchair towards the object. This technologically driven app is sure to bring many people an improved lifestyle.

The Carrier Wheelchair

futuristic wheelchair designs 09

Researchers at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna have created an advanced prototype of a wheelchair that allows the user to easily accomplish tasks. This impressive invention allows the user to have easy access to the toilet via a trap door. It also raises the user up to a standing position so they can have access to out-of-reach items. Plus it adapts allowing the wheelchair user to climb stairs and slopes easily. This wheelchair will give users the independence and freedom they haven’t experienced before.

Carbon Black Wheelchair

futuristic wheelchair designs 10

This impressive fiber-made wheelchair is flexible and strong. Scottish inventor Andrew Slorance designed the wheelchair with low maintenance and portability in mind. The wheelchair is specifically designed to measure depending on the user. It has four detachable components and the seat back and footrests are adjustable. For added safety LED lights are located on the footrest for easy visibility and safety.

DEKA iBOT Wheelchairs

futuristic wheelchair designs 11

DEKA iBOT wheelchair designs are technology and suitability at its best. The intuitive design uses gyroscopes and sensors that feed information to the custom-designed software that enables the chair to maintain balance. The wheelchair offers the user features such as elevating to a standing position, climbing stairways and navigating through tough terrain. Prototypes are being created to further the technology and improve safety.

The Whill Wheelchair

futuristic wheelchair designs 12

A team of Japanese engineers developed Whill, a powerful, sleek electric wheelchair to help enrich the lives of wheelchair users. It is created for easy maneuverability indoors and strong enough to handle rough terrain outdoors. The controller used to steer the wheelchair is not the standard joystick. Instead, it actually is similar to using a computer mouse.

Adventurous Wheelchairs

futuristic wheelchair designs 13

Wheelchair users who are thrill-seekers and enjoy adventure will benefit from this futuristic wheelchair design. Zenith Wheelchair is a collaboration between the Mechanical Engineering Department at the U of A and designer Josefina Chaves-Posse. It is specifically meant to provide complete independence for wheelchair users. The wheelchair allows the adventurous user to go beyond their limits and tackle rough terrain, climb stairs and more.

Rowing Chairs

futuristic wheelchair designs 14

RoScooter is a new concept that keeps the traditional design of the wheelchair and includes a new way of steering and moving a wheelchair. Its innovative design uses a propulsion system that resembles rowing a boat. It is designed to be ergonomically correct and minimizes joint and arm pain.

Two-Way Wheelchairs

futuristic wheelchair designs 15

This ingenious Two Way Wheelchair design is beneficial for those with lower and upper body impairment. It’s created out of lightweight carbon fiber and is able to easily collapse for storage. It allows users to adjust lower, raise and swivel the seat. The seat can also be withdrawn backward for convenience.

Elegant Wheelchairs

futuristic wheelchair designs 16

02GEN futuristic concept wheelchair is designed to enrich the lifestyles of wheelchair users. The design concept merges the functionality of an electric wheelchair with a sleek modern design that encourages good sitting posture. The wheelchair user will be able to control the wheelchair easily as it adapts to the needs of the user.

The HXC BMX Sport Wheelchairs

futuristic wheelchair designs 17

Motocross is a popular sport in the disabled community. Athletes adapt BMX tricks and do a variety of other high-performance level stunts using their wheelchair. The HXC was designed as a prototype and are being developed specifically for BMX-like wheelchair activities. The design differs from the standard wheelchair in a variety of ways, including the placement of the front casters, multi-link suspension and close placement of handlebars. All of these modifications allow the athlete to achieve their best in the sport.

Comfortable Wheelchairs

futuristic wheelchair designs 18

Designer Mauricio Maeda created a prototype with comfort, style, and functionality in mind. The innovative creation includes a wireless headset, joystick, portable computer case, keyboard, monitor, webcam, stereo sound gadget and drink holder. This wheelchair will provide users with the ultimate comfort and convenience.

3D Printed Wheelchair

futuristic wheelchair designs 19

The 3D-printed wheelchair concept is set to be unveiled within the next few years. It is designed to be made-to-measure for suitability for every user. It is made of titanium, thermoplastic polyurethane, and semi-transparent resin. The design is still undergoing improvements since researchers are dedicated to creating a wheelchair that will aid daily mobility for all users.

Inventors, researchers, and engineers are always creating new innovative wheelchair designs and gadgets made to enrich the lives of the disabled. The growing interest in technologically based wheelchair design is allowing inventors to reach beyond limits and develop the ultimate wheelchair. New prototypes are being created every day and will soon be on the market for the public to purchase. Stay tuned for more futuristic wheelchair designs and gadgets in the months and years ahead.