Explore the Best Electric Wheelchairs in 2021


Having the best electric wheelchair for your needs feels like a daunting process for many people. An electric wheelchair has to provide comfort, be easy to steer for either yourself or a caregiver, and operate as intended. An electric wheelchair is also a large investment. It is designed specifically for the person as it will undergo daily usage for a long length of time.

There may also be other electric wheelchair requirements depending on the person. Is the electric wheelchair right for the type of flooring in your home? Will it handle travel well and can it go on an airplane? Which is the right one for use outdoors?

We’ve compared the best electric wheelchairs on the market to see how they stack up. We looked at the electric wheelchairs and evaluated their foldability, its weight, how it handles different surfaces, its capacity, and other available features. Then we picked out the top 8 folding electric wheelchairs that fit these categories and includes specific features that make them even more special.

When it comes to deciding on electric wheelchairs, always take your time in comparing their features. Then try to align as many of these features into what you want in an electric wheelchair. In this manner, you will have an easier experience in getting the best electric wheelchair brands.

Hybrid Electric Wheelchair: Model H Hybrid Manual + Power Chairs

Sometimes it’s not convenient to use the electric power in a wheelchair. While the wheelchair controls and lithium power pack are protected, you may want to manually control the wheelchair on wet or slick surfaces, or for sharp inclines where you want to go back down the slope. Topping our list for the best hybrid wheelchair is the Model H Hybrid Manual + Power Wheelchair.

The Model H Hybrid Manual + Power Wheelchair features large 22-inch rear wheels and a handbrake for manual use. It has unfolded dimensions of 31 inches long x 25 inches wide x 13 inches high and a weight capacity of 220-260 pounds. The foldable power chairs also feature handlebars to allow caregivers to manually operate them. It is only 39 pounds in weight, making it lightweight enough to carry even with the larger wheels.

For many users, having large manual wheels means that the wheelchair isn’t compact enough to fit in a car trunk or to travel with it on a plane without disassembly. However, the Model H Hybrid Manual + Power Wheelchair is foldable into one piece with dimensions of 15.74 long x 24.4 inches wide x 30.7 inches high. The mobility scooters can fit in most vehicles and are approved for airplane travel.

The electric/manual wheelchairs come with one 12aH lithium-ion polymer battery providing a top speed of 5mph and a distance of roughly 10-13 miles. One added bonus to the electric wheelchair is that it comes with a remote control smartphone app. The app allows you to control the speed, steering and other features as you can drive these mobility scooters over to you so you can use them.

Electric Wheelchair for Caregivers: Model X Travel Power Wheelchairs

Looking at other hybrid models, we also have to mention the Model X Travel Power Chair. This hybrid comes with smaller 12-inch rear wheels as it is designed with comfortable two push bars to allow caregivers to operate it as a manual wheelchair. It can also come with one long handlebar upgrade to give more ways for the caregiver to grip and manoeuvre the chair around tight corners.

This hybrid-electric chair is a lot lighter than the Model H version as it only weighs 35 pounds. The Model X Travel Power wheelchair has a folded dimension of 31 inches long x 25 inches wide x 13 inches high and unfolded dimensions of 15.74 inches long x 24.4 inches wide x 30.7 inches high. It has a seating capacity of 220 pounds to accommodate most body shapes.

Again, similar to the Model H wheelchair, the Model X Travel Powerchair also offers a smartphone app that allows you to drive and control the features. The mobility wheelchair allows a true “hands-off” experience as you can sit back in the comfortable cushion and adjustable armrests. Yet when it comes to having a caregiver being able to push and control the wheelchair for you, there are push bars so they can have a comfortable and firm grip.

When using the one lithium battery, the wheelchair can travel up to 5mph for a distance of about 10-13 miles.

Electric Wheelchair for Outdoor Terrain: eVolt Traveler Power Wheelchairs

Many electric wheelchair users still love going into the great outdoors. They want to enjoy going on clear park trails with the family or along pier boards with a loved one to look at the sunset. While many of the electric wheelchairs featured in this article have strong wheels that can handle most terrain, the one that sticks out most is the heavy-duty eVolt Traveler Power wheelchair.

The eVolt Traveler Power wheelchair can manage paved terrain, some uneven outdoor terrain, and short grass with speeds of 5mph and a full charge distance of 12 miles on a lithium-ion polymer battery. So you could take it to the baseball field to toss a Frisbee with a younger family member or enjoy a nice social evening around town with friends.

It folds into one piece and can be loaded onto an airplane. It is also an FDA approved mobility device and can fold/unfold with a touch of a button.

The eVolt Traveler Powerchair has dimensions of 31 inches long x 25 inches wide x 13 inches high when unfolded and 15.74 inches long x 24.4 inches wide x 30.7 inches high when folded. These electric wheelchairs weigh a bit heavier at 48 pounds. Yet this extra weight goes entirely into the structural frame components of the electric wheelchair to make it rugged enough to handle outdoor travel without slowing down. It has a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

Electric Wheelchair for Extended Use: Pride Portable Jazzy Elite ES

One thing to take note of is that most electric wheelchairs mentioned in this article are foldable as they become compact in one piece. The Pride Portable Jazzy Elite ES has motorized wheelchairs that have to be disassembled to fit into a car trunk. It’s larger and a little heavier than other electric wheelchairs at 128 pounds as it has a maximum weight capacity of 300+ pounds.

This heavy-duty electric wheelchair runs on lead-acid dual batteries offering speeds of 4 mph and distances of 13.5 miles. It has a very thick leather front seat and back seat cushions and a seat dimension of 16″-20″ length x 16″-20″ width.

The Pride Portable Jazzy Elite ES will allow you to go anywhere in absolute comfort. If you plan to attend a 4-hour special occasion or an event that requires you to be out for long periods of time, the electric wheelchair can provide the right back and leg support to ward off aches and pains.

For people who will find themselves not being able to stand for such a long time, having this heavy-duty electric wheelchair available allows them to attend entertainment and events with the entire family without slowing down. The Pride Portable Jazzy Elite ES also has a tight turning radius of 24.74″ as it can do very sharp turns and bends without requiring a lot of maneuvering space.

Electric Wheelchair for Long Distances: Move-Lite Power Chairs

Getting the most power out of your motorized wheelchair is important if you are used to doing a lot of stuff throughout the day. You’re just not a person who plans to slow down, and you expect your electric wheelchair to go that extra mile with you. Well, the Move-Lite Power Chair actually does go the extra mile for electric wheelchairs.

It runs on a 12aH ternary Lithium-ion polymer battery that allows you to go up to 15 miles on a full charge while operating at a top speed of 5 miles. The electric wheelchairs have large 12-inch rear wheels to go over most rough surfaces and works excellent on paved terrain. It will keep going so you can run all your errands in no time.

Move-Lite Power Chair weighs 50 pounds and has a touch button allowing it to fold and unfold in seconds. It folds down to 15.74 inches long x 24.4 inches wide x 30.7 inches high for storage in a closet or a vehicle. Then just push the button again as the electric wheelchair will unfold to 31 inches long x 25 inches wide x 13 inches high so you can place it into use.

Another great feature is that these electric wheelchairs will also accommodate heavier users. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. So if you need to carry items in your lap while heading to the car, the Move-Lite power chair can take on the extra weight without slowing down.

Wheelchair for Independent Living for Impaired Users: AirWheel H3S Auto Folding Power Chairs

For some electric wheelchair users, they need a chair that offers something that provides more features due to their medical conditions or disabilities. In addition to using the wheelchair to get around to different places, they may also use it to write out letters, read books, or have a small snack. The AirWheel H3S Auto Folding Power Wheelchairs provide a way for people to do more while going about their days.

Weighing 65 pounds and able to support a person up to 256* pounds, the AirWheel H3S auto Folding Power Chair comes with a detachable wheelchair tray that can swing into the user. So a person can eat a small meal, use the tray to write, play a card game, or do other tasks. The tray then swings over and down to hang on the side of the chair. You can have the tray available wherever you go.

Another feature of the AirWheel H3S Auto Folding Power Chair is the push button to automatically fold and unfold the chair when packing it for travel or storage. It folds to 15.74 inches long x 24.4 inches wide x 30.7 inches high and unfolds to 31 inches long x 25 inches wide x 13 inches high.

Running on lithium-ion polymer batteries, you can get maximum speeds of 5mph and a distance of 15 miles on a full battery charge out of these heavy-duty electric wheelchairs. These powered wheelchairs offer can handle most outdoor surfaces.

Best Lightweight Foldable Chair: Featherweight Wheelchair

If you will be lifting the wheelchair up into a vehicle constantly, you’ll want the absolutely lightest folding electric wheelchair available. The Featherweight Wheelchair is an incredible 33 pounds. It folds in less than 3 seconds and can fit into all types of vehicles. It also comes with an optional carry case to take on an airplane as it has a lithium battery.

As a lightweight wheelchair, it can still accommodate all types of body shapes by allowing a maximum weight capacity of 242.5 pounds. It has 9.8-inch rear wheels with available anti-tippers.

The Featherweight wheelchair folds down to 28.35 inches x 13.39 inches x 28 inches and unfolds to 41.73 inches x 23.62 inches x 34 inches. These electric wheelchairs run for distances of 13 miles on a battery charge and at speeds of 3.7 mph.

The Featherweight wheelchair also can be pushed by a caregiver by using a comfortable push bar and has raiseable and retractable air rests. The motorized scooters come with different choices of multiple seat cushion overlays and an optional back seat pocket so you can store items with you on your trips.

  • Featherweight wheelchair


    Top Speed: 3.7 mph
    Distance on full charge: 13 miles
    Weight capacity: 242.5 lbs.
    Chair weight with battery: 33 lbs.
    Battery: Lithium-Ion
    Ground clearance: 3″
    Seat width: 17.72″

Best Affordable Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair: FeatherFold+ Power

This last motorized wheelchair can go head-to-head with the Featherweight wheelchair when it comes to lightweight construction. The FeatherFold+ comes at a staggering 35 pounds and can take a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

The foldable electric wheelchairs can be packed up in second into cars as they fold down to dimensions of 18 inches x 22 inches x 26 inches. Once you get to your destination, simply unfold the chair back to its original dimensions of 30 inches by 22 inches by 33 inches.

The FeatherFold+ offers a top speed of 4 mph and distances of 10 miles, making it the right electric wheelchair when you aren’t going to be out all day and just need some extra mobility help. The electric wheelchairs have retractable and raiseable armrests so you can easily slide into and out from these wheelchairs along the sides.

They are the perfect electric wheelchairs for people of all ages to use whenever they need them. The electric wheelchairs can also go on an airplane without problems. The FeatherFold+ Power wheelchair is an all-around great chair at an affordable price.

  • FeatherFold+ Power Chair


    Top Speed: 4 mph
    Distance on full charge: 10 miles
    Weight capacity: 220 lbs., 330 lbs.
    Chair weight with battery: 35 lbs.
    Battery: Lithium-Ion
    Seat width: 18″, 20″

Obtaining the Right Mobility Chair

The right folding power wheelchair will be the answer to all your current needs and be versatile for any changes. Also, don’t hesitate to contact electric wheelchair companies to discuss optional features that may be added to the electric wheelchair models, such as an under-seat storage tray, folding battery tray, a programmable controller, an oxygen tank holder, and other safety features.

Many electric wheelchair manufacturers also offer a limited lifetime warranty for the mobility scooter. Check out all the great features available with the best electric wheelchairs you can find in 2021.