Best Cruise Ships for Disabled Passengers: A Complete Guide

best cruise ships for disabled passengers

Many people’s go-to holiday idea is a cruise vacation. However travelers who utilize wheelchairs or suffer mobility challenges are often worried about their first cruise. They question whether a cruise ship can suit their demands, particularly when it comes to onboard accommodations.

After all, the ship will be their home for their trip.

To solve the problem, we’ll look at some of the most incredible cruise lines that accommodate passengers with disabilities, providing them with convenient accommodations and top-notch service that transforms vacations into unforgettable memories.

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What Are Accessible Cruise Ships?

Accessible cruise ships have been adapted to accommodate passengers with mobility limitations or any other disability. 

Cruisers of all ages and abilities may feel at home on these ships thanks to the wide variety of amenities designed with them in mind. Accessible cabins are available on all cruise ships. The number of wheelchair-accessible rooms on a ship will vary depending on the vessel’s age and size.

Accessibility wasn’t always a priority for the cruise industry. However, as of 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice required all cruise ships operating in U.S. waters to be ADA-compliant regardless of their country of origin. And now, all modern cruise ships offer accessibility.

When considering travel options for disabled seniors, a cruise vacation stands out as an inclusive and enjoyable choice, offering a variety of accessible amenities and destinations.

Senior in wheelchair on cruise ship

Top Things to Consider When Picking A Cruise Ship For Disabled Passengers

Choosing which cruise to choose for a holiday is thrilling and essential. Given the large number of cruise lines, destinations of call, and schedules, planning your vacation is crucial. One should keep a few features in mind, such as, 

Accessibility Features

For disabled passengers, ease of access is a priority. Look for a cruise line that offers various accessibility options, such as

  • Accessible Cabins: Look for accommodations with roll-in showers, wider doors, and grab bars.
  • Wheelchair Ramps: Ensure that all levels of the ship are wheelchair accessible or any other mobility aid and broad walkways for getting around the ship.
  • Accessible Elevators: Make sure that the ship’s elevators can take passengers to all of the ship’s flooring, including the decks where the restaurants, theaters, and other attractions are located.
  • Accessible Shore Excursions: Find out if the cruise company offers tours and transportation in ports accessible to people with disabilities.

Travel Dates

The dates you choose to go are essential. Think about the time of year, the number of tourists in the area, and the schedule. The best is to schedule your trip during the off-season to save money and avoid the crowds.

Size of Ship

The bigger the cruise ship, the easier it is to board. Wheelchair passengers cannot expect an accessible experience on most river or small ship trips. At least a minimum of accessibility is assured if you stick to the major cruise lines.

Cruise Line Reputation

Find out as much as you can about the cruise line’s reputation. Check out what others have said about it on review sites, social media, and online discussion forums. If you book with a reputable cruise line, you can be assured that you will receive excellent care while on board.


Get your finances in order first, and then book a cruise, as bigger ships tend to have more features and bonuses. A budget can help you focus your efforts and reduce the likelihood of overspending. Consider the cruise’s level of luxury, facilities, ease of access, and availability of amenities.

Cabin Locations

Before booking a cruise ship vacation, always research and prioritize a stateroom near the ship’s center if you have mobility issues. Doing it will make visiting the ship’s restaurants, shows, and other amenities more convenient in a wheelchair.

Dining Options on a Cruise Ship

Do some research about the available culinary options while on the cruise. Make sure some restaurants are friendly to those using wheelchairs, including features like low tables and trained workers. Also, ask about available or customizable options to meet your special diet needs.

Onboard Activities

A wide range of services and entertainment options are available on cruises. Ensure the cruise line you choose has what you want: spa services, water parks, or Broadway-style musicals. Traveling with kids? Check out the ships that provide kid-friendly activities and shows.

Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance for your cruise is a prudent decision. It can afford reassurance in unforeseen circumstances, such as cancellations, medical emergencies, or misplaced luggage.

Check the Itinerary and Port Accessibility

The actual fun starts at each port of call, regardless of how accessible the ship is.

Determine the port’s and surrounding area’s accessibility for each planned stop. Those with mobility difficulties may have trouble boarding tenders (small boats) at some ports. Verify that your potential cruise has convenient tender services.

Choosing the best cruise for disabled travelers involves more than just comfort and fun; it also requires security, ease of use, and relaxation. By following these guidelines and conducting a thorough study, you can plan a lifetime trip that exceeds your expectations.

Sal and Debi Pitera shared a helpful guide on cruising with disabilities and all the amenities, such as accessible cabins and bathrooms, and discussed other accessible options for the hearing and the visually impaired.

Accessible cruises and airlines provide people with disabilities with the freedom to see the world. To discover more about air travel for wheelchair users, check out our dedicated article here.   

Our Top Picks For Best Cruise Ships For Disabled Passengers

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all cruise ships departing from the United States to make reasonable accommodations for passengers with disabilities. However, certain ships may go farther than others.

Many cruise lines and vessels now include fully accessible cabins and amenities tailored to the needs of disabled passengers, such as those who need wheelchairs or walkers and those who are deaf and blind.

Some of the best accessible cruises and major cruise lines are listed here.

Royal Caribbean International

Regarding ships accessible to people with impairments, Royal Caribbean International is at the top, and many disability-focused websites have given it the top rating. As the best cruise line, it has 26 ships in service, including the ones with accessible amenities, with the Wonder of the Seas launched in 2022.

Royal Caribbean International

Accessible Staterooms

Royal Caribbean has wheelchair-friendly accommodations with a 5-foot turning radius. The accessible rooms are between 159 and 298 square feet, with amenities such as lower sinks, higher toilet seats, hand-held showerheads, and the standard 32 to 34-inch entrances. Some cruise liners, such as the Serenade of the Seas and the Oasis of the Seas, include more than 30 wheelchair-accessible accommodations.

Special Attention to Needs

Royal Caribbean provides amenities such as closed-caption TVs and large-print menus to accommodate guests with a wide range of impairments. One pool and one whirlpool lift are available on each fleet ship. Accessible listening devices and Braille signs are available on board for passengers who may have trouble hearing or seeing.

Complimentary Wheelchairs

Even complimentary wheelchairs are available for use during embarkation and post-cruise transfers. Renting a wheelchair is an option if a personal wheelchair cannot be brought on the cruise.

Top Choice: The Symphony of The Sea

The Symphony of the Seas, launched in 2018, is one of the largest cruise ships in the world, carrying 5,518 passengers, yet those with disabilities are not overlooked.

The ship offers 46 accessible cabins with all the necessary features. Its architecture provides easy navigation and wheelchair access in public spaces, hallways, and elevators. Accessible seating is available in all public places, including restaurants, lounges, and shows. Elevators are also installed at the main pool, whirlpool, and casino’s lowered gaming tables.

The finest selection of lodgings may be found when reservations are made well in advance. Complete the special needs form on their website at least 30 days before departure to guarantee a room that meets your requirements.

Alanna Zingano, a cruise traveler, gave a room tour and showed all the amenities provided inside the Symphony of the Sea cruise room. 

The Access Department at Royal Caribbean is available to assist with trip preparations and answer customers’ queries. Call (866) 592-7225 or write to to get in touch.

Carnival Cruises

With 25 ships in its fleet, Carnival Cruise Line is one of the world’s largest and best cruise lines. The cruise company, known for its ‘fun ships’, primarily caters to American tourists but also explores exotic destinations like Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Australia.

Carnival Cruises

Carnival has various accessible amenities and services in their new ships to ensure their voyages are enjoyable for everyone, even those with limited mobility.

The Continual Improvement

Besides modern cruise ships, Carnival has older ships in its fleet to help with accessibility. It includes visual-tactile room kits for hard-of-hearing travelers. Wheelchair lifts have tactile controls and audible cues for passengers with poor vision or blindness.

Inclusive Stateroom Design

Like other cruise lines, Carnival provides accessible staterooms throughout its entire fleet. The Carnival Horizon and the Carnival Panorama stand out among cruise ships due to the accessible cabins they offer, 65 and 75, respectively.

Dedicated, Accessible Features

In addition, there are designated wheelchair-accessible walkways and sitting areas throughout the ship’s formal and informal dining venues. The Carnival Horizon, Panorama, Radiance, Sunrise, Vista, and Mardi Gras include pool lifts.

Top Choice: The Carnival Horizon

The best among the Carnival Cruises is the Carnival Horizon, which exemplifies inclusivity to the fullest extent. It was launched in 2018 and boasts 65 wheelchair-accessible rooms in three distinct varieties.

These include Fully Accessible Cabins (FAC), Fully Accessible Cabins with Single Side Approach (FAC-SSA), and Ambulatory Accessible Cabins (AAC). Also, cabins with oversized (32-inch) doors, turning space, and bathrooms fitted with grab bars and shower seats are available for guests who use a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

They also allow wheelchair rentals from dedicated vendors. Even though Carnival provides wheelchair-accessible excursions, accessibility ashore varies by port of call.

In the video, you will see Cheryl moving around our cabin on the Carnival Horizon. 

The cruise company can better accommodate guests with special requirements if they know of such needs almost 14 days in advance. Carnival can be reached at 1-800-438-6744 (ext. 70025). For more information, guests can also visit the Carnival Cruise Line website or contact via email.

Princess Cruises

For more than three decades, Princess Cruises has been an innovator in the cruise industry in accommodating guests with disabilities. Princess Cruises was the first in the cruise business to implement an accessibility program in 1992.

The firm has also been recognized for its efforts by the Western Law Center for Disability Rights and the National Business & Disability Council.

Princess Cruise

Impressive Accommodations

Each ship in the Princess fleet can accommodate up to 31 wheelchair-accessible accommodations for more than 350 accessible cabins. Roll-in showers, handheld showerheads, lowered basins, handrails, and closet railings are just some of the accessible features included in these cabins’ thoughtful design. On top of that, any accessible instruments will be provided upon request.

Accessible Public Areas

Most Princess ships are designed such that public areas, entertainment venues, spas, restaurants, and theaters can all be reached quickly and easily. Elevators on board have wide entrances (between 36 and 42 inches) to accommodate wheelchairs, and there is accessible seating in common areas.

Special Needs Innovations For Hearing and Impaired

The cruise line also offers other accessible amenities like text telephones, door knock sensors, smoke alarms, and theaters with infrared listening aid devices for guests with hearing or vision impairments.

Prioritizing Ease Onshore

Most Princess Cruises’ ships are equipped with specific gangway devices that make embarking and disembarking from the ships accessible for wheelchair passengers.

Top Choice: The Regal Princess

The newest ship in the line, the Regal Princess, includes 38 accessible cabins and a crew trained to help customers in wheelchairs board and depart the ship. The ship’s main theater has assisted listening devices and accessible bathrooms in all public areas.

Regal Princess Cruise

The Majestic Princess, Royal Princess, and Ruby Princess provide comparable services and amenities.

Princess Cruise lines require passengers with mobility issues to communicate their requirements before the cruise. For the cruise, wheelchairs and other specialized equipment are available for rental, or passengers may bring their own.

Contact the Access Office at Or by phone at Princess.

Disney’s Caribbean Cruise Lines

Disney established its cruise line in 1998 with the debut of its first ship, the Disney Magic, capitalizing on its prior achievements with theme parks and resorts and the general popularity of its brand.

Disney's Caribbean Cruise Lines

Since then, it has expanded to the point that it is now a well-known cruise company that sails to a variety of locations throughout the world. Five ships are in service, including Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy, with the newest ship, Disney Wish, launched in July 2022. 

Child-Friendly Approach

The Dream Class ships not only include 24 accessible rooms but also hire youth counselors trained to engage with children of varying abilities so that every kid may have the same fantastic experience.

Designed Staterooms

Unlike typical staterooms with narrower doors, wheelchair-accessible staterooms have a 32-inch entrance door and a wider travel path. These spacious, handicapped-friendly staterooms on board include features like roll-in showers, grab bars, height-adjustable shower heads, lowered towel bars, and closet bars.

Accessible Public Areas

There’s magic outside of the cabins, too. Theatrical performances, dining venues, and shops are all available aboard Disney Cruise Line ships. Every ship has pool lifts accessible by appointment so that everyone may enjoy a refreshing plunge.

Special Needs Requirements

The cruise company offers various services to accommodate travelers with sensory impairments, including communication kits with bed shakers, TTY, and sign-language interpreters in some instances.

Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and other mobility aids are not provided on board. Therefore, passengers who need them must carry their own or make prior arrangements for their collection and delivery. ASL interpreters, hearing aids, and transcripts of some board performances are also available upon request.

Michael Kay, a Disney enthusiast, shared his experience on a disabled Disney cruise and Castaway Cay Island with his family and grandmother and gave tips to people with disabled family members.

One has to submit the needs or requirements up to 3 days before departure. If you have further questions or need assistance, contact Disney Cruise Line Special Services at 407-566-3602 or email 

The Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line’s breathtaking private island in the Bahamas, is a significant selling point for the company’s cruises, where guests may enjoy various Disney-themed activities, including those with disabilities.

Castaway Cay Water Slides

Among the accommodations made for visitors with accessibility needs are:

  • Sand wheelchairs are first-come, first-served, and free of charge.
  • The Promenade has Paved Walkways with Entrances to Shops and Eateries.
  • A wheelchair-accessible tram that can accommodate both manual and electric wheelchairs.
  • Accessible restrooms

Castaway Family Beach is the heart of the resort, including a beautiful stretch of Bahamian sand and plenty of comfortable lounge chairs and umbrellas for shade.

A small tour of Disney’s Castaway Cay Family Cabana.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruise Lines has gone above and beyond to ensure that all its personalized excursions are accessible to those using wheelchairs and only need low activity levels in some destinations.

Celebrity Cruises

Each Celebrity ship is not only wheelchair accessible but also autism-friendly, having received silver “Autism Friendly” certification from Autism on the Seas in 2015.

Celebrity Cruise claims its ships are “accessible from bow to stern.” Eleven ships are accessible. These include Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Solstice and Celebrity Apex, to name a few.

Onboard Experience

All staterooms have been thoughtfully built to accommodate those with mobility issues, with wide, automated entrances, enough turning space, and roll-in showers with grab bars.

Wheelchair seating is available in all the ship’s public spaces, including restaurants, bars, and the theater. The main pool and whirlpool are accessible by elevator, and the gaming tables in the casinos are likewise adjustable for guests with mobility issues.

Features for Vision and Hearing Impaired

All Solstice Class ships offer Braille lift buttons and other signs for visually impaired guests. When feasible, the crew of each vessel will also provide assistive equipment for visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Dedicated Assistance

The cruise line will provide complimentary, accessible transportation from the airport to the dock upon request. Additionally, boarding and departure assistance is provided at the request of wheelchair users.

Top Choice: The Celebrity Reflection

The Celebrity Reflection, the largest ship in the fleet with a capacity of 3,046 passengers, has 30 accessible cabins with automated doors. Additionally, suites in accessible places may accommodate up to four people, making it possible to bring the entire family along.

Celebrity Reflection cruise ship

The Reflection’s bathrooms are designed for wheelchair accessibility, featuring stepped thresholds, grab bars, and roll-in showers. Accessible staterooms have lowered closet rods, a lowered safe, an open bed frame, an accessible balcony, amplified telephones, bed jacks for mattress elevation, a set of strobe door knockers, light phones, and a vibrating alarm clock.

All four ships in Celebrity’s Solstice class—the Silhouette, Eclipse, Equinox, and Solstice—offer almost identical onboard services.

Celebrity’s website simplifies booking accessible staterooms and managing itineraries, allowing multiple bookings for friends or family. It also offers accessible shore excursions, specialty dining, beverage, and internet packages and provides booking for larger groups.

As the pandemic waned, Sylvia Longmire, a cruise enthusiast, embarked on seven cruises in just three months in the fall of 2022. Five of these were with Celebrity Cruises, her preferred choice for its accessibility, comfort, and itineraries. In her review on a blog, she highlights Celebrity Cruises as the best cruise line for wheelchair users, emphasizing its memorable and wheelchair-accessible experiences.

Cruisers may call the Access Department at 954-628-9708 to book for special needs or email

Holland America Cruise Lines

Holland America is well-known for going above and beyond to ensure its disabled customers have a pleasant and fulfilling cruise experience. They were named “Best Overall Facilities for Physically Challenged Passengers” by Porthole Cruise magazine for their efforts.

Holland America Cruise Lines

Their creative techniques and commitment to ensuring passengers with disabilities have a pleasant cruise experience set them apart as a frontrunner in the industry.

Staterooms Designed for Ease

Accessible cabins are available on all Holland America ships. Their Signature and Vista-class ships offer up to 30 wheelchair-accessible accommodations on each ship.

These rooms have roll-in showers with grab bars, accessible controls, hand-held showerheads, and wide doorways that allow wheelchair access to both sides of the bed.

Special Needs For Other Disabilities

Holland America provides exceptional accommodations for guests with sensory impairments, including a screen reader for online material, menus in big print or Braille, assistive listening systems in show lounges, visual and tactile alert kits in staterooms, and amplified telephones for guests with hearing loss.

Onboard and Offshore Excursions

Holland America is committed to inclusivity onboard and has implemented measures to assist guests during shore excursions, including alternative transfers for passengers with limited mobility and lifts between the ship and tender, despite potential varying conditions at port-of-call facilities.

Top Choice: Nieuw Amsterdam Cruise 

The Nieuw Amsterdam ship is at the cutting edge of accessible cruising, providing many amenities for anyone with physical challenges such as mobility, vision, or breathing. Wheelchairs can quickly board any shore tender because of their platform’s wide width.

The Ms. Rotterdam, Ms. Koningsdam, and Ms. Eurodam are some of the company’s other ships suitable for people with special needs.  is the email address to contact the Holland America Guest Accessibility Department, or call 800 547-8493. 

CoryLee, a paraplegic, shares a room tour of accessible rooms on the Holland America Ship. 


In summary, one is spoiled with options when selecting the most suitable cruise ship for disabled passengers in the United States. Most cruise lines go beyond the call of duty to ensure every passenger has a unique and unforgettable vacation.

There are a variety of cruise lines to choose from, from the cutting-edge vessels of Royal Caribbean International to the attentive staff of Holland America Line.

The best cruise lines catering to passengers with disabilities emphasize equality, safety, and comfort, guaranteeing that each voyage is as memorable as the destinations.

However, If you love water but are apprehensive about being in the sea constantly, you can still plan a vacation at one of the finest Florida beaches.