The Top EWheels Wheelchairs on the Market


EWheels is a reputable developer, manufacturer, and distributor of some of the finest electric-powered mobility scooters and wheelchairs. The developer aims to ensure you purchase the best medical product you could ever get by using high quality components as well as employing the knowledge and expertise of highly skilled qualified people to design and build the products.

Even though they are popularly known for having some of the best mobility scooters, Ewheels has a variety of electric wheelchairs, and it can be pretty hard to figure out which one to pick. 

This write-up reviews some of the best-motorized EWheel wheelchairs on the market today. It would be best to read the post to the very end so you know which wheelchair is worth your investment.

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The EWheels EW-M45 Wheelchair is one of the most portable EWheels smart chairs, weighing just 59 lbs and measuring just 23″ x 13″ x 31″ when folded down.

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M45 Folded

This power wheelchair comes with a decent speed range of 3.70 mph, and an impressive 15-mile battery range in addition to a foldable design that converts the wheelchair into a super lightweight parts in just a snap, which makes the chair a perfect travel companion. 

The EW-M45 smart chair is also pretty comfortable as it comes with a 19” wide seat. The seat is wider than most comparable power chairs which means you won’t be squeezing yourself into an uncomfortably small chair all day long. Even though the chair is wide enough to accommodate persons of varying body sizes, we found it best suited for heavy-weight users because of its higher weight capacity (400 lbs) and its extremely sturdy.

To add to the comfort and ease of operation are well-raised and adjustable armrests, a padded backrest, and s wide footplate for resting your feet.

Just like other superior-quality motorized wheelchairs, the EW-M45 is controlled by a joystick that you can swap from the left to the right side and vice versa for easy driving. The joystick controller comes with up and down buttons for controlling both the speed and direction of the chair as well as a power button.

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M45 Joystick

Another significant aspect of this power chair is its reliability and ease to use. Beginners will find it effortless to navigate the wheelchair, even in small spaces.

In addition, it comes with  8″ front tires and 12 and a half-inch tires on the back, all of which are long-lasting and able to withstand impact from bumpy terrain. On the rear end are two red levers that disengage the motor and permit you to use the power chair manually.

Quick Facts

  • Folding and unfolding: Yes

  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs

  • Turning radius: 31”

  • Travel range: 15.5m

  • Batteries: Two 12V 6AH lithium batteries

  • Top speed: 3.70 mph

  • Frame type: Portable


  • Easy to transport and store

  • Extremely comfortable

  • Easy to use even for first-time users

  • Comes with a free 1 year home service

  • Excellent manoeuvrability

  • Optimal weight distribution

  • 1-year warranty on electronic components


  • It isn't easy to steer on grass and gravel

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A recent addition to the EWheels family, the EW-M43  is one of the lightest and most affordable foldable wheelchairs on the market.

EW-M43 is an electric wheelchair that is perfect for users who are always on the go. It’s foldable and can be folded down to a compact size for easy transportation and storage. And the best part? It is airline approved

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M43 Folded

However, this may vary with airlines so it’s always best to check with the airline before booking a flight.

With a maximum speed of 3.7mp/h, 9.7-mile drive range and a weight capacity of 300lbs, the chair comes with an easy-to-use joystick controller that can be mounted on either the left or the right side of the chair.

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M43 Joystick

In addition, the M43 features raised and foldable armrests, a comfortable wide seat, under-seat removable storage located behind the backrest, and a large aluminum footplate that helps provide support and evenly distribute pressure, hence preventing fatigue and backaches.

The M43 motorized wheelchair provides optimum stability at every turn and has excellent maneuverability.  We loved that it can maneuver spaces that most motorized wheelchairs cannot.

This great ride has undergone rigorous inspections by the FDA and has proven to be good quality, durable, and reliable.

Quick Facts

  • Weight capacity: 300lbs

  • Folding and unfolding

  • Battery range: 9.7 mp/h

  • Top speed: 3.7 mp/h

  • Turning radius: 24.25”

  • Drive Type: Rear-wheel drive foldable


  • Comes with a lap belt for extra safety

  • Airline approved

  • Easy to transport and store

  • Ideal for most indoor and outdoor surfaces

  • 3-year warranty on frame components and a 1-year warranty on electric components.


  • Available only in one colour

E WheelsEW

The E-Wheels EW-M49 has a lot to offer. It is designed with a lot of precision and details to guarantee functionality and comfort to the user.

We particularly loved that it is a hybrid wheelchair, meaning if you ever run out of power far away from home, you simply switch to manual mode by releasing a lock on its rear wheels.

While doing our due diligence on this power chair, we came across numerous positive reviews with the majority of users praising the chair for offering extreme comfort. As soon as we tested the wheelchair, we were totally in agreement.

First off, it comes with a reclining backrest (which can recline up to 130 degrees) which aside from being comfortable to sit on for longer hours, also significantly reduces the risk of back pains. Secondly, the adjustable armrests can be lifted up and down or swayed to the side to make it easy to step out of the chair. In addition, there is a headrest, a neck rest that can be adjusted, and a large foldable footrest.

E WheelsEW
M49 Head Rest

Another cool thing about this chair is that it comes with an air spring backrest and shock absorbers that enhance safety even when riding on rough surfaces.

In addition, it features an interactive digital screen that eases operation for the user. The screen enables users to change settings with a single button push.

E WheelsEW
M49 Joystick

This fairly priced electric wheelchair accommodates users of up to 330 pounds and comes with a pouch at the rear end of the seat and underneath the chair for storing personal items.

Quick Facts

  • Foldable and unfoldable

  • Top speed: 3.7

  • Battery range: 9.7 mp/h

  • Weight capacity: 330lbs

  • Turning radius: 32”

  • Climbing slope: 12”

  • Frame material: Aluminum

  • Drive Type: Rear-wheel drive


  • Features a digital smart control panel for easy operation

  • Durable construction

  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor surfaces

  • Shock absorbers for a smooth ride on uneven surfaces

  • Sleek modern design

  • Best price in the market

  • Warranty on batteries, frames and electronic components included


  • Cannot be disassembled

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The E-Wheels EW-M47 HD is not your average power chair. It’s a heavy-duty (350 lbs maximum weight capacity) unit with high-quality components, advanced features, and a sleek and trendy design.

Among its outstanding features are an extendable swing-away joystick, a lap belt, an electric horn for safety, and large footplates for extra comfort.

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M47 Joystick

The M47 can be used indoors or outdoors and makes for a great travel companion thanks to being lightweight and foldable. With a weight capacity of 350lbs, the M47 wheelchair goes as fast as 5 mp/h and can cover a distance of 12-miles on a full battery. The speed can be controlled using a joystick mounted either on the right or left side of the chair.

As far as comfort goes, this power wheelchair is extremely comfortable. It comes with a comfortable cushioned backrest and a padded seat.

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M47 Backrest

Quick Facts

  • Foldable: Yes

  • Batteries: Two 12 V 36AH

  • Battery range: 12 miles

  • Turning radius: 33”

  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs

  • Frame type: Aluminium

  • Grade climbable: 8 degrees

  • Drive type: 2 motor wheel rear-wheel drive

  • Brake: Electro-mechanical


  • It has self-diagnostic warning lights

  • Easy to fold and unfold

  • Available comes in black, red, and silver colours

  • Free shipping delivery

  • Warranty included


  • Quite heavy compared to most models

Warranty for EWheel Wheelchairs

EWheels extends its warranty only to the original purchaser. All the wheelchairs we’ve reviewed come with the following warranties:

  • 3 year warranty on the frame components which include the frame structure itself and the seat post 
  • One year warranty on all electronic components
  • 6 months warranty on the batteries
  • 30 day limited warranty on the battery charger 

You also get a one-year labor warranty (from the date of purchase) which includes in-home labor for the first visit by the technician who comes to replace warranty parts on either of the models above.


Ewheels is a solid developer, manufacturer and distributor.

That’s a fact!

They have an impressive range of electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Some of their best wheelchair models are what we have looked at in our review section. We hope you find one that suits your needs.

Among the key things you need to consider when selecting an electric wheelchair are the seat depth, size, width and floor height. Also consider the battery charger type, turning radius, travel range, maximum speed and accessories like a seat pocket to store your items when you step outdoors.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these wheelchairs, consider visiting our wheelchair category.