A Guide to Using Uber and Lyft: Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle


Uber and Lyft have introduced a game changer for millions of people using wheelchairs and avoiding traveling through cabs. Renowned travel service providers like Uber and Lyft have tried to shape the travel experience for people with disabilities. This decision will further ensure empowerment for those who need wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Now people with disabilities can easily book a cab with the click of a single button.

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles: WAV for Uber and Lyft

Uber WAV:

Uber decided to revolutionize the cab booking experience for people with disabilities by introducing specialized applications, including Uber WAV and Uber Assist. Let it be people who cover distances using wheelchairs or those who cannot see or listen; uber has something to help every person in need. Such an amazing initiative comprises the introduction of the Uber WAV application.

Uber can be a great option if you are searching for affordable rides. Moreover, Uber has been trying its best to make a valuable travel experience for people with disabilities.

Uber WAV enables the provision of equipped vehicles majorly for passengers who use non-folding motorized wheelchair. The application connects the riders to drivers that have wheelchair-accessible vehicles with attached ramps and lifts. Uber WAV launched a number of wheelchair-accessible vehicles in multiple cities in order to determine the appropriate cab structure that can be a great fit for the maximum population. Furthermore, Uber WAV also has multiple solutions for deaf and blind people.

Uber Assist:

Uber app provides Uber Assist, similar to Uber WAV. The key focus of providing such a platform is to break all the stereotypes about people with disabilities.

For all of those having any functional disability, including mobility impairments, visual defects, or additional complexities related to aging, this travel application is for you. The application enables the provision of assistance to pregnant females; people suffering from illness, disabilities, or injuries can seek aid from uber assist.

The Uber assist is a complete customized application from pick-up to drop where passengers can seek help from trained and certified drivers in order to ensure extra assistance with a safe ride. This option offers ease to patients needing additional assistance while traveling to their respective doctors for treatment and checkups.

The major perks of using uber assist include hiring officially certified drivers from a third-party organization.

It also offers room for foldable wheelchairs, which can be carried along.

Lyft WAV:

Lyft WAV is similar to Uber WAV. It is just a different company providing almost the same feature.

Additionally, Lyft provides wheelchair-accessible vehicles even if they are not in the area. They enable this by connecting riders to the local companies that offer WAV rides.

How to book a wheelchair-accessible vehicle?

lyft wheelchair accessible

In order to book Uber WAV, you need to follow the following steps:

Uber WAV: wheelchair-accessible service

Step-1 Request an Uber through the app

In order to book an Uber WAV, start with entering your destination in the “Where To?” section on the top of the screen. Proceed with confirming your current location, which is going to be your pick-up location.

In order to customize the pickup according to the rider’s disability, select the WAV option at the bottom. Continue with confirming your pickup. Promo codes are also available in some major cities.

Step-2 Take the ride

Once your cab reaches your location, make sure you cross-check all the details mentioned on the screen, including the driver’s name and the vehicle’s number.

Your cab driver carries your information about the destination and directions. You can also ask the driver to take another route if needed.

Step-3 Exit the vehicle

Once you land at the desired location, you can safely exit from the vehicle, during which the uber driver will offer your aid if needed.

Your money will automatically be deducted from your source payment mode. Furthermore, you can give ratings and recommendations for the driver so that more people can trust the ride.

Lyft WAV: wheelchair-accessible service

For requesting a Lyft access ride, you must follow steps almost similar to booking an Uber WAV.

Step-1 Select your destination and current location at the top of the screen. In case WAV rides are available at your location, you’ll see an access mode on the screen. Select the option and enter your details.

Step-2 Taking the ride

Since Lyft WAV is exclusive to people with disabilities, it offers facilities like ramps and riders with wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

Step-3 End the ride

You can take the help of your driver to get off the cab. Your payment will be deducted from your source account, and you’ll be able to rate the driver as well.

Where are Uber and Lyft available?

The option of wheelchair-accessible vehicles is not available throughout the globe. Moreover, Uber and Lyft do not even cover the entire United States. Here are the places that these applications cover.

Availability of Uber/Lyft WAV rides:

Uber was founded in San Francisco, CA, almost a decade back by Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick. Now, Uber serves as many as 50 states in the United States. However, the WAV feature of Uber does not exist in every state. The same is the case with Lyft WAV.

Let us have a vigil on the states with the availability of the WAV feature:

Austin, Texas

Uber WAV is available in Austin. However, you might not see frequent Lyft WAV rides available in the city.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston offers both Uber and Lyft WAV rides. However, booking a Lyft WAV is preferred if you are traveling to the airport since Lyft offers rides with a ramp at Boston Logan Airport.

Uber WAV does not offer Pickups from the BOS airport.

Chicago, Illinois

Both Uber and Lyft WAV offer pickups from the ODS airport.

Dallas, Texas

Lyft WAV offers pick-ups from a number of locations in Dallas. Make sure you cross-check the airport you wish to go to because the WAV feature is limited to some airports only.

Houston, Texas

Uber WAV is available in Houston, but it’s still limited to a number of places in the same city. Uber WAV does not offer services in the airport region. Therefore, you have to make your own arrangements.

Los Angeles, California

Both Uber and Lyft WAV offer pickups from major airports. However, the wait time may vary.

New York City, New York

Pick-ups are only available from the JFK airport. However, both of the applications do offer wheelchair service.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Both applications are accessible and reliable in Philadelphia; therefore, you can book any.

Phoenix, Arizona

Uber WAV and Lyft Access are available. However, Lyft might not offer enough timing flexibility to the riders.

Portland, Oregon

You can book an Uber WAV in Portland because Lyft access is not available yet. Also, Lyft is a transportation company that does not fit under the Americans Disabilities Act. Therefore, you cannot expect Lyft WAV to serve in every city.

San Francisco, California

In San Francisco, you can easily book both, but the major drawback resides with Uber WAV, where you generally do not find readily available WAV rides.

Moreover, Lyft can offer better wheelchairs within San Francisco county since it offers to drop them off at locations outside the city.

Washington, D.C.

UberWAV pickups are usually available, but the certainty that you will find a ride every time is quite questionable.

In case you cannot access the application at some place, Lyft and Uber offer the option to connect with local ride-hail companies that offer wheelchair-accessible vans. Therefore, both of them are equally reliable in terms of availability.

How convenient is it for a person with a disability to travel alone by Uber/ Lyft WAV?

Traveling by cab alone can be a challenge for wheelchair users. However, platforms like Uber and Lyft have been successfully breaking such norms.

Both applications provide convenient and safe rides for people who need special care. They provide certified drivers trained in dealing with people with disabilities traveling alone. Moreover, the vehicles used are complete wheelchair access-enabled, offering additional add-ons like a wheelchair ramp and space for placing motor and foldable wheelchairs.

What is the cost of booking an uber or Lyft through the app?

The best part about Uber WAV is that traveling is quite affordable, so you won’t be charged any extra if you book an Uber WAV instead of UberX. The prices of UberX and Uber WAV are the same.

The same is the case with Lyft WAV. However, if we compare both applications, Uber WAV is slightly cheaper than Lyft WAV. Moreover, the charges can also vary depending on location, travel distance, and availability.

For further information, you can connect with:

Uber: You can connect to Uber by referring to the number on the application.

Lyft: You can connect by referring to the number on the application or clicking on the link.

Frequently asked questions:

Will Uber pick up someone in a wheelchair?

Uber enables ride seekers to connect with drivers that have pre-equipped tools and add-ons for wheelchair users. The ramps attached to the vehicle enable riders to use non-folding motorized wheelchairs.

What should you do if a wheelchair can’t fit in your car LYFT?

In case you book a ride, and after it arrives, you realize that your wheelchair can no more fit inside the vehicle, then it’s best to cancel the ride and inform the issue further to the customer care section of Lyft WAV, which will aid in the prevention of such mistakes in future.

Does LYFT give discounts to the disabled?

Lyft does provide discounts to the disabled. Moreover, Lyft also offers free rides for job seekers with disabilities. The application also offers wheelchair users to pay with special accounts.