Atto folding mobility scooter reviews


Atto folding mobility scooter, from Moving Life, was built by someone with a disability and designed for people with disability. After searching and trying out countless mobility scooters on the market, the founder of Movinglife, Nino Rensenberg, decided it was about time he built a folding mobility scooter that would serve his personal needs and those of other persons with mobility issues. 

Even though he suffered from disability (out of Polio), he was a very busy businessman who loved to travel via both trains and planes. And so, Atto was entirely built around Nano’s disability and his travel lifestyle.

In one of the launches, Nino was quoted saying, “The idea of the product came up because of the frustration I felt every time I travelled and came back from abroad. I had to wait for my scooter to arrive with the luggage, so I invented a product that was light and foldable, one that could even get on the plane with me and take me anywhere. I called it ATTO.”

Atto is by far the most robust mobility scooter and the nicest looking for everyday mobility. It comes with more advanced features and safety measures and performs exceptionally well. Aside from its modern “techy” look, we were wowed by how it folds down and folds up. Even more impressive is that you can split the unit into two pieces for easy transport, lifting, and storage.

In this review, we will discuss the Atto folding mobility scooter at length, with a focus on its design, functionality, safety, and performance.

atto folding mobility scooter

Review of the Atto Folding Mobility Scooter

Designed and created in Israel by MovingLife, this scooter is a beast. It looks extremely far from the first crude mobility scooter back in 1954. Perhaps the most striking and revolutionary thing about this folding scooter is that it comes in three different modes: Riding mode, Travel or split mode, and Trolley mode.

atto folding mobility scooter specs

Bariatric walkers are not only meant to be used by heavyweight users. Anyone can use heavy duty

Drive mode: This is the model used by most people. It’s basically the mode a regular scooter is in. In a riding mode, fewer adjustments can be made to the scooter like the seat height, tiller’s position, and handle’s height. When not using the scooter and wish to leave it in the riding mode, always leave it in neutral and when ready to use, set it on Active.

Travel mode: This is the mode you set the scooter to when you want to carry it with you in the back of your trunk. You simply fold down the scooter then press the red button to split the unit into two separate pieces to make it easy to lift as well as fit in small spaces. From there, simply place it in your car trunk and you are ready to roll.

Trolley mode: This is the mode where you fold it down to luggage size and simply pull it behind you as you would a small suitcase. The wheels of this scooter rotate very easily so you won’t have trouble moving around with it. This mode is good for making short trips where you don’t necessarily need to ride your scooter. It’s also the best mode to navigate those tight spaces where the scooter won’t fit through. Simply fold down and roll it up, pass it through, and then set it again on drive mode to continue with your journey. Also, when in restaurants, you can roll it up and set it either under the table or next to the table. You can also use the trolley mode for getting in and out of buses, cruise ships, and trains or going down the stairs.

Here is a detailed review of the Atto Folding Mobility Scooter by MovingLife.

atto folding mobility scooter items


What we loved most and we are sure you will also love is that the scooter comes fully assembled, right out of the box. This means no setup is needed therefore no tools are needed. Once you unbox and unwrap, you can start using it right away. Pretty impressive, huh?


Atto folding motility scooter is not one of the lightweight mobility scooters. It weighs 62 pounds in total which can be heavy especially for the elderly. Fortunately, you can split the unit into two separate pieces to make it lightweight. One half weighs 27 pounds while the second half weighs 35 pounds. 

Folding mechanism

ATTO Folding Mobility Scooter ATTO is by far the best folding mobility scooter. It takes just a few seconds to fold it down to the size of a small travel suitcase. And similarly, it takes seconds to fold it back up.

atto folding mobility scooter folding mechanism

This makes it a perfect travel companion whether using public transport, a train or boarding international flights. It’s accepted by all airlines, and best of all, you can keep your Atto scooter with you throughout the journey as carry-on luggage.

Out of the frustration that Nono experienced whenever he traveled, he was inspired to create an airline-approved mobility scooter that he could tag along with him anywhere he traveled to. 

He explains, “The idea of the product arose because of the frustration I felt every time I traveled and returned from abroad. I had to wait for my scooter to get off the plane, so, I came up with a product that would be easy and foldable, one that would be able to enter the cabin and get off the plane with you.”

Atto fits into the trunk of every car. However, if you are worried about its size, you can split it into two smaller and lightweight units that you can easily store in a small space or even the overhead compartment on a plane. To split it, simply convert the unit into a split mode.

Check out this YouTube video link to see how the folding and splitting mechanism works.

Controls and Directions

Overall, the Atto scooter is easy to control, even for seniors and small children. It features an LED easy-to-read driving console on Atto’s dashboard, where all the controls can be viewed. The controls include an on/off button that is easy to press, direction mode, a battery meter, and speed controls that go all the way to 5, with 5 being the fastest and 1 being the slowest.

atto folding mobility scooter controls and directions

The 5-speed setting, which goes at 4mph, can be likened to a power-walk, which is not significantly fast but gets you going fast enough.

Changing directions is also similarly easy. You simply press the button to go forward or backwards on the direction panel. It will beep once when you change direction to forward and beep twice when you change direction to backward. The scooter has a horn to make it easier to change directions when in a crowded place. You can use the horn to get people out of your way, especially when changing directions backward.

Certification and Compliance

The Atto mobility scooter is an electric medical equipment, classified as a Class I device, and is certified by the FDA ( K160909). It also meets the expectations of the ISO.

Please note that laws and regulations vary from state to state. Check with your local authorities to confirm that it meets the requirements and restrictions of your region.


Atto is equipped with three solid tires, one tire on the front and two wheels with solid tires on the rear. The wheels are filled with foam and, therefore, built for indoors and outdoors. 

With the anti-flat tires, you don’t have to worry about punctures or not being able to ride in some places. The scooter performs well on all terrains, be it grass, footpaths, pavements, bridleways, rough earthen ground, or smooth tiled floors- you are free to go just about anywhere, including pedestrian areas on roads.

Also, you can ride your Atto scooter on buses and trains as long as space is available and the local regulations permit. Bear in mind, however, that some buses and trains are not built or adapted to carry mobility scooters.


Unlike other mobility scooters, Atto allows users to customize the scooter to their desired size by adjusting the driving console height, tiller angle and height, and seat height. The seat height can be adjustable upwards and downwards, so you can still fit into the scooter whether you are tall or short. The seat can be adjusted in three different adult heights and one height option for children.

You can also adjust the tiller to a hand position that is easy and comfortable for your driving.

atto folding mobility scooter adjustability

Battery and Charging

Atto uses a 48 volt lightweight Lithium battery that recharges in just 3-4 hours. Once full, a single charge can take you a distance of up to 10 miles. The battery can be charged while on the scooter or be removed to be charged offboard, and being that it is lightweight ( under 2kg) and has a fold-out carrying handle, that shouldn’t be much of a hassle. To remove the battery, simply press the button for it to pop out, and once charged, pop it back in until you hear a click to replace it.

There is a battery indicator that monitors the battery usage and will indicate when the battery is fully charged and similarly when it is depleted.

The charger is UL and CE approved and comes with a self-shutdown functionality. This functionality ensures your safety and helps extend the life of both the battery and the charger.

Safety and Usage

The front wheel of the Atto folding features two modes- the Drive mode and the Neutral Mode. To drive the scooter or turn on the controls on the tiller, you must set it on Drive mode. Otherwise, it will completely shut down. These two modes work hand in hand to ensure that you safely get on and off the scooter without falling off.

Even though the Atto folding is a pretty safe scooter, please ensure you follow the scooter safety rules while using it. For instance, only riding the scooter on areas, it’s intended for, like the pavements and the likes. Ensuring the scooter should has good contact with the ground and not riding it on snow, sleet, ice, rain, or during a strong wind and also, avoiding, obstacles like broken glasses, ditches, and other interferences.

Lastly, do not descend or climb an incline at an angle greater than 6 degrees as recommended by the manufacturer.



atto folding mobility scooter accessories

The Atto mobility scooter comes with pretty convenient accessories like the armrests, crutches holder, seat cushion, padded seat upholstery, and is fitted with a USB port and a modern LED display. The USB comes in handy for charging your devices whilst on the move!

Warranty, Manual, and Return Policy

Atto folding is a purchase you will be happy about. Because of the confidence in the quality of the product, the manufacturer is generous enough with the warranty. They give a two-year limited warranty on the frame and other structural components such as the seat and steering mechanism, rear wheels extension, as well as the weld on the entire scooter.

They also give a two-year warranty on all the scooter’s electronic parts, including the battery chargers and the drivetrain, including the brake, motor, and front wheel.

Lastly, you also get a one-year limited warranty on the batteries. This is offered by the battery manufacturer.

To qualify for the warranty, do not open or dismantle the parts, and servicing must only be done by Moving Life dealers. Not adhering to these clauses will render the warranty null and void. Read more on the warranty terms here.

They also have a return policy for customers who are not 100% satisfied with the scooter. The policy terms are a 30-day refund with an up to 30% restocking fee. The scooter must still be new, unused, and in the original packaging to qualify for the return. Read more on their return policy here. You must also have the return authorization number.

For returns and warranty inquiries, reach the Moving Life customer support from 9 am to 5 pm EST Monday to Friday.

Care, Maintenance, and Storage

The strong and quality build makes the Atto folding one of the best folding mobility scooters. According to Moving Life, ATTO’s expected service life should be ten years. This is a considerably longer service life, and you possibly won’t be using this same scooter in 10 years. However, it’s nice to know that you won’t be buying a scooter for at least a decade.

This is, however, subject to proper care and maintenance. You must regularly clean your scooter with water and a microfiber cloth to keep it clean and retain its gloss. You must also take it for routine maintenance at least once every year.

In addition, you will need to apply lubricant every six months or so to make opening and closing your ATTO easier. You will also need to spray the lubricant targeting the wheel shafts and the seat posts, including the tracks. Be keen not to leave lubricant residues on the surrounding parts and stay away from using sticky or corrosive lubricants.

To lengthen the life of your Atto, drive only on recommended surfaces. Consult Moving Life before undertaking any repairs and only buy replacement parts from them or their authorized dealers. If you follow all these, we don’t see any reasons to worry about breakdowns and damages. 

ATTO can be stored without use for extended periods, and it will still be in perfect shape. You, however, need to store it in a dry environment where it will not be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Quick Facts

  • FAA approved

  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs.

  • Turning radius: 53"

  • Maximum incline: 6 degrees

  • Total weight: 62 pounds

  • Size: 47L X 22W X 35H

  • Expected service life of 10 years

  • Adjustable seat and handle heights

  • USB charging port

  • 48 Volt lithium-ion battery

  • Top speed mode: 4 mph

  • LED Display, Buzzer, Reverse

  • Driving range between charges: 12.4 miles


  • Comes with optional discrete armrests

  • Folds down to a luggage size

  • Everyday mobility optimized for an active lifestyle

  • Comes fully assembled from the box

  • PU filled non-pneumatic tires

  • Comes inclusive of a lubricant

  • Can be split into two lightweight parts to make it easy to lift


  • As a complete unit, it can be bulky and heavy for frail users to lift it up and down

  • The seating posture may not be comfortable for people with disability


Where can one get spare parts for ATTO?

You can purchase all genuine Atto spare parts directly from the manufacturer, Moving Life, or from local representatives.

How do you fold an Atto scooter?

Check out this video by Moving Life on YouTube to see how to fold, unfold, and generally operate the ATTO mobility scooter. 

What materials is ATTO made of?

The ATTO folding mobility scooter is made of aviation-grade aluminum, solid PU-filled non-pneumatic tires, high-grade plastics, and nylon-enforced ABS.

Can one add armrests to my ATTO?

Yes, you can make modifications to add armrests on your Atto folding mobility scooter.

How long and how often should one charge the battery?

A 3- to 4-hour charge is enough to deliver up to 12 miles of continuous driving. We, however recommend that you charge the battery before it is completely drained to help extend the life of the battery.

How long does it take to fold up or unfold ATTO?

It takes as little as 10 seconds to fold down or fold up the ATTO folding scooter. Please watch the instructional video shared earlier to see how it’s done.

Do I need training before driving an ATTO?

ATTO is very easy to drive and no special skills are needed. With a little practice, driving can be mastered quickly. To help you get started, please watch the instructional video by Moving Life. If this is your first time using a mobility scooter, or if it’s been a while since you drove one, we advise that you take some time to practice driving once again. Particularly steering and controlling the scooter.

Would certain medications restrict me from driving an ATTO?

Yes, some medications are considered unsafe for driving a scooter. If you have medications that make you drowsy, you may want to stay away from your scooter for the sake of safety. Also, you should never drive a mobility scooter when under the influence of alcohol.



Hands down, the Atto Folding Mobility Scooter is one of the best folding mobility scooters. It is a well-built mobility scooter designed for those who love the outdoors- whether going for international trips and vacations or going to the park for a breath of fresh air. The three modes, particularly, make it so versatile and convenient. 

Even better if you are a frequent traveler because it is airline friendly, extremely portable, and lightweight.

However, like with any other mobility scooter, this is may not be ideal for frail users who do not have the strength to fold, unfold, pull or lift the scooter. Unless one has a carer or companion to help while using the scooter. You may have to consider an electric wheelchair or a rollator.

Otherwise, the Atto is sure to serve you for many years to come and long distances. Thanks to its unique electric motor.