The Best 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters

Best 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter is an electric motor and movement aid that is similar to, but not identical to, an electric wheelchair. When walking becomes difficult, a mobility scooter helps users regain their freedom.

A mobility scooter provides several social and mental health benefits in addition to the privilege of moving around without needing assistance. The most common types of scooters include the 3 wheel mobility scooter and the 4 wheel mobility scooter.

This article offers a comprehensive deep dive into four-wheel mobility scooters. It particularly focuses on the safety of the individuals who are likely to benefit most from the 4 wheel scooters as well as some of the best 4 wheel mobility scooters in the market currently.

What Is a 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter?

A 4 wheel mobility scooter is a battery-operated vehicle with four wheels. Much like other mobility scooters, this type comes in different styles and sizes.

We have travel scooters that are smaller in size and lightweight for easy transport. They are the most portable, and a majority of them can be disassembled to be easily stored in a car trunk. Travel scooters have a distance range of between 8 and 10 miles per single battery so the distance doubles up when on two batteries.  

We also have foldable scooters that are designed to be folded down or even taken apart for easy storage and transportation. Foldable scooters are often small to medium-sized.

 When choosing a foldable scooter, pay particular attention to the unit’s total weight when folded down. For scooters that can be split into smaller compartments, consider the weight of the heaviest piece. If the piece is heavy, it may be hard for your to load it into your car.      

Lastly, there are heavy-duty four wheel scooters. This category is designed for overweight users and has a higher weight capacity.

They are generally large, have a clearance ground of more than 3 inches, and are designed to be driven on all terrains. They also go the longest distance, up to 40 miles, on a single battery.

Who Can Benefit Most From a 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter?

Any person who has mobility issues is a prime candidate for 4 wheel mobility scooters. Mobility issues such as pain in the legs, knees, and feet when walking or general weakness or unsteadiness in the said body parts are all reasons enough to use a mobility scooter.

Seniors living in senior facilities and those at home or in assisted living arrangements are the biggest users of 4 wheel scooters. They use the scooters to easily take them from one corner of the home or facility to the other, to the grocery store to get their weekly groceries, to the park to enjoy nature, or simply to the football games to watch their grandkids play football.

However, not every person with mobility issues qualifies to use a mobility scooter. Users with no balance to get on and off the scooter or the strength to drive the scooter may not be able to safely operate a scooter. That includes users with neurological conditions, cognitive and eyesight issues.

At the very least, users need to be able to see where they are going as well as operate the scooter in addition to having a good sitting balance and ability to step on and step off the scooter.

Top 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters

After careful analysis, our team was able to pick out the best 4 wheel mobility scooters. The team analyzed a number of top 4 wheel mobility scooters in the market currently based on price, usability, comfort, and safety and these are what they found to be the best mobility scooters with four wheels.

red elephant mobility scooter

The Red Elephant Mobility Scooter has pretty much a little bit of everything that makes it ideal for traveling. It’s extremely portable, is built sturdy enough for most passengers, and is lightweight but small enough to fit in the back of a compact vehicle.

Like most mobility scooters, it folds down to a very compact load for easy storage and travel. While it may look bulky even when folded down, it can actually fit into any car trunk. And the fact that most airlines allow one to travel with it, makes it a perfect travel companion. In addition, it is pretty fast and can cover longer distances of up to 43 miles just on a single battery. 

This Red Elephant Mobility Scooter also has delta tiller handles which are preferred because they put less strain on your hands, wrists, and arms, and a huge storage basket that will fit most of your hand belongings.

The scooter is fitted with safety features such as rear lights, turning signals, dual mirrors, and large LED headlights to keep you safe on the road, especially in crowded and dark-lit places, 

With 14-inch front tires and 16 inch rear tires in addition to a  large ground clearance of 8”, and a powerful 700-watt motor, you can be certain that the Red Elephant Mobility Scooter can excel in pretty much any uneven terrain. You can count on it for a smooth ride to just about any destination.

The Red Elephant Mobility Scooter can either be operated manually or by using a remote control. It’s entirely up to the user to choose what mode of operation they fancy.

The mobility scooter comes with two lithium-ion batteries accompanied by a fast charger. The charger takes at least 2-4 hours to fully charge the lightweight battery. Most users prefer to buy an additional set of batteries to serve as backups. They come in handy when traveling long distances or going away for a couple of days, and you don’t want to get stuck in unfamiliar places because of low battery.

And the best part? The scooter comes ready to use right out of the box. No time-consuming assembly, you only need to charge your scooter battery, and off you go.

Compared to other scooters in our list, the Red Elephant Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooter has a higher weight capacity, at 500 pounds. This qualifies it as a heavy-duty 4 wheel mobility scooter. 

Quick Facts

  • Folding and unfolding

  • Maximum weight capacity: 500 lbs.

  • Manual and remote control

  • Airline compliant

  • Top Speed: 15 mph

  • Travel range on full charge: 43 miles

  • Chair weight plus battery: 257 lbs.

  • Turning Radius: 92”

  • 8 degrees climbing angle

  • Rear Wheel Drive system


  • Large and easy to reach rear storage basket

  • Extra storage space right behind the tillers

  • Longer distance range on full charge

  • No assembly needed

  • Additional batteries available


  • Because it is huge in size, it’s can be difficult to maneuver with it in tight and narrow spaces

Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Scooter

The Go-Go Elite Traveller 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter is a much compact design by Pride Mobility, mainly suited for riding around the house due to its size but can also be used to run daily errands right across the street, attend outdoor events, or just for shopping. There is a small removal storage basket on the front of the scooter’s tiller that you can store your belongings when going outdoors.

As a travel companion, the scooter can quickly be taken apart, without any tools, into five easy-to-lift pieces that fit well in the back of most cars. This also makes storage super easy, especially if you live in an apartment or a house with limited storage spaces. Reassembly doesn’t take long either, just a couple of minutes and your scooter is back up

The size of the scooter and the small tires allow users to maneuver well around tight corners and through large crowds of people. In addition, it comes with non-scuff tires to help protect your floors from markings and scratches. 

Quick Facts

  • Top Speed: 4 mph

  • Microprocessor-based controller

  • Distance on full charge: 8.2, 12 miles

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

  • Chair weight with battery: 98 lbs.

  • Battery: Lead Acid

  • Seat width: 17


  • Available in red and blue colors

  • The seat can be assembled and disassembled

  • Front-mounted seat offers excellent stability

  • The battery can be charged offboard and onboard

  • Non-scuffing tires


  • The storage basket is rather small

zoome auto flex folding travel scooter

The ZooMe Auto-Flex is the ultimate lightweight folding scooter for traveling and outdoor trips. The scooter offers plenty of convenient features that are sure to make your mobility a breeze.

It has a fully electronic flex folding and an unfolding mechanism that is assisted with the wireless key fob. The scooter only takes 15 seconds to fold or unfold which is considerably quick if you ask. It folds down to a surprisingly compact load that is easy to store or transport. And it helps that the frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and that it weighs just 60 pounds. All these make it very ideal for day to day use as well as for travel.

Other admirable features include a delta tiller that makes driving so much easier and more comfortable, especially for users with limited dexterity. You won’t see this type of handle in a lot of mobility scooters but it makes a huge difference to the user when driving. Most mobility scooters have a straight tiller which can cause a lot of discomfort on the hands, wrists, and arms. As a plus, you can adjust the angle and height of the delta tiller to find an ideal positioning of the controls. And with adjustable and padded armrests, what more could you ask for?

ZooMe Auto-Flex 4 wheel scooter has a control panel that is incredibly easy to control and with stable front and rear wheels that have non-marking and flat-free tires, you can be certain of taking your scooter anywhere regardless of the terrain. For additional safety, the scooter is fitted with anti-tip wheels on the rear.

Additional features that come with the ZooMe Auto-Flex scooter include front and rear reflectors, a storage basket, and a cup holder.

Quick Facts

  • Maximum speed: 4 mph

  • Delta tiller

  • Easy throttle control

  • Distance on full charge: 13 miles

  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs.

  • Chair weight with battery: 63.6 lbs.

  • Battery: Lithium Ion

  • Seat width: 16.75″

  • Turning radius 47.2"

  • Ground clearance 1.6"


  • Auto-folding seat and adjustable armrests

  • Automatically folds and unfolds in under 15 seconds

  • Comes fully assembled

  • Delta tiller for comfortable riding

  • Comes with anti-tip wheels for added safety

  • Airline approved lithium battery

  • Easy throttle control


  • It May be too heavy for frail users to get into the trunk of a vehicle

pride victory 10 4-wheel scooter

The Pride Victory 10 4-Wheel Scooter is absolutely made for active scooter drivers who love to be out and about. With a stylish and sleek look and a higher maximum weight capacity, this scooter packs a lot of power and comes with high-tech features.

The scooter can be split into five separate lightweight pieces that can be stored in the back of your car, and one can reassemble the scooter once they get to their destination. The assembly and disassembly take just a couple of minutes, and no tools are needed.

With a 400-pound weight capacity, the scooter qualifies as a heavy-duty mobility scooter. Further, it features non-scuffing low-profile tires, so you won’t have to worry about leaving markings on your floors. Plus, there are anti-tip wheels on the rear for additional safety.

The wheels and the general construction of the scooter are designed to handle pretty much most outdoor and indoor surfaces. 

In addition, the wraparound delta tiller ensures that you ride in the most comfortable position for an enjoyable ride.

This scooter can travel at a maximum speed of 5 mph which may be considered a low speed for an outdoor scooter, but it’s a safe speed. When fully charged, the battery can take you up to 15.5 miles.

Because you will probably be riding for long hours, you need a scooter with a comfortable seat, and that is precisely what this scooter has- an adjustable, comfortable, swivel seat. For a more seating area, you can adjust the armrests outward. And if you plan to be riding even after the sun has gone down, you can use the maximum intensity LED headlights on the front and the tail lights on the rear to light up your way.

Perhaps one of the best features of the Victory 10,  besides having the best warranties, is the easy-to-use control panel. The panel allows you to control the speed, monitor battery usage, and operate the lighting system. And right underneath the tiller is the charging port access, so you don’t have to keep bending down every time you want to charge the battery.

Quick Facts

  • Top Speed: 5.3 mph

  • Distance on full charge: 15.5 miles

  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.

  • Chair weight with battery: 161 lbs.

  • Battery: Lead Acid

  • Seat width: 18″ – 22″

  • 54" turning radius

  • Delta tiller

  • Swivel seat


  • 8-point swivel and sliders for extra comfort

  • Non-scuffing low-profile tires

  • Large front storage basket

  • Delta tiller with wraparound handles

  • Easy-to-read Voltmeter

  • Long-lasting LED headlight

  • Easy-grip delta tiller for a comfortable drive

  • Easy access charger port


  • It may take a while before finding replacement parts, especially the battery

Enhance Mobility Transformer Scooter side

The Enhance Mobility Transformer Scooter is one of the first fully electric folding scooters in the United States, at least according to what the manufacturer claims, and has remained to be one of the high-quality mobility scooters. 

That aside, the scooter looks sleek, stylish, and high-tech and is available in four vibrant colors- electric blue, red, yellow, and black. On arrival, the scooter comes fully assembled so fortunately, you won’t need to do any installations or buy tools for assembling. This is a huge plus since alot of mobility users do not have the strength to do complex setups.

Let’s find out if the performance matches its good looks.

For a start, the scooter is incredibly easy to use even for the elderly and first-time users. It comes with a comprehensive manual that explains everything clearly as well as a fact sheet that has possibly every question you may have regarding the scooter. All it takes to operate the scooter is pressing just a few buttons and off you go. You can choose to either use the remote control or just operate it manually.

The Transformer comes with an airline-approved Lithium-ion battery and a station charger that you can use offboard or onboard. The battery pack holds two batteries. Each battery can take you up to 13.7 miles when fully charged so with both batteries you can cover a distance of up to 26 miles.

There is a uniquely designed basket on the transformer that is both foldable and removable that you can use to store your hand belongings when out and about.

This compact scooter fits through pretty much any doorways and maneuvers so well on tight spaces and crowded places thanks to its tight turning radius and small width of 17 inches. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck or worse, knocking down people every time you take a turn.

 And with just a push of a button, the scooter automatically folds down as shown in this video in just a few seconds. It also automatically folds up when you press the push button. Its foldability not only makes storage easier but travel as well since you can just fold it down and load it into the trunk of your car or even at the backseat. 

You can also fold it down and move around with it as a wheeled load just like you wheel a suitcase. And because it is lightweight and has a handlebar, this should be easy.

 As well, you can travel with it anywhere as the battery is airline approved. 

The best thing about this mobility scooter besides of course the high-tech features and excellent build is the generous warranty. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on the aluminum frame, a one-year limited warranty on the battery, and a 2-year limited warranty on the electrical components.

Quick Facts

  • Top Speed: 3.7 mph

  • Distance on full charge: 13.5 miles

  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs.

  • Chair weight with battery: 53 lbs.

  • Battery: Lithium-Ion

  • Seat width: 17″


  • Portable and lightweight

  • Acceptable by airlines, trains, and cruise ships

  • Adjustable seat height and armrests

  • Comes fully assembled

  • Sufficient ground clearance for outdoor terrain

  • Automatically folds up and down for ease of storage and transport

  • The battery is fully compliant with most airlines


  • The length of the scooter is not meant for taller people.

Important Features To Look Out For In A 4 Wheel Scooter

Because your mobility and safety will be pegged on the 4 wheel mobility scooter, you need to pay attention to the features that come with the scooter. Above everything else, the scooter must be comfortable and safe while meeting your needs. 

Some of the key things you should be looking out to help you make the right purchase include:


The average 4 wheel scooter costs around $1000 to $1500  while the most expensive ones cost upwards of 2000 dollars. The more expensive the scooter, the more reliable and comfortable it is. 

However, you don’t have to break the bank to find a good quality model to solve all your mobility needs. The budget you have set out to spend on purchasing the scooter should be the guiding factor when purchasing.

Maximum Weight Capacity 

The first thing you want to check for in any 4 wheel scooter is the weight capacity. Every manufacturer indicates the recommended weight limit for every scooter. The maximum weight limit differs across scooters. While some have a lower limit others have a higher limit to accommodate heavyweight users.

It is critical to select the right mobility scooter appropriate for your weight and build, as this might impact stability, particularly when turning as well as the longevity of the scooter.

When determining the weight capacity, you should also account for the weight of personal items you’ll be carrying, such as grocery bags or pets, in addition to your own. Be sure to stick to the weight limit for a safer riding experience.

Travel Distance and Maximum Speed

Check that the scooter’s range covers the approximate distances you’ll frequently be traveling to. Terrain, your weight, and the age of the battery can all affect the scooter’s range, so be sure you include them all in when calculating trip lengths.

Most heavy-duty mobility scooters, because of their weight and stability,  have a higher top speed of up to 15 mph (24 km/h). Many people are content to not go any quicker than this on the streets, but 4 wheel mobility scooters that can go much faster and cover longer distances are available.

Personal preferences on speed and the approximate distance to be covered daily should guide the choice of the 4 wheel scooter. However, even with a high-speed scooter, it’s always wise to maintain a reasonable speed, particularly in crowded places, on slopes, and on roads with sharp bends. Your safety should be your top priority.


Your choice of the 4 wheel scooter should have a high level of comfort to guarantee you a comfortable ride. Below are some guidelines you can look out for to determine this:

  • Is there adequate cushioning in the chair?
  • Is the seat able to swivel, or is it fixed?
  • Is the chair height adjustable? Electric scooters usually come with a variety of handlebar height options and may have latches or levers that allow you to adjust them. Other times, you’ll need to loosen a few screws, adjust your height, and then re-tighten the lock.
  • Is there enough space for your legs to rest without being cramped? Keep in mind that if you’re tall, you’ll need enough legroom to avoid cramping. 4 wheel scooters do not provide as much legroom as 3 wheel scooters. Ensure that the 4 wheel scooter you pick can cater for this.
  • A variety of scooter add-ons are available to make your 4 wheel mobility scooter more comfortable. Cup holders, rain covers, backpacks, mobile phone holders, and sun canopies are just a few of the accessories used to customize mobility scooters.


Most 4 wheel scooters will have a warranty either on the frame, electrical components, battery or motor. The extensiveness and the period of these warranties vary widely across models, but ideally, you want to choose one that at the very least has the key components covered. Bear in mind that the warranties are limited, you, therefore, have to read and understand the terms before settling on a scooter.

4 Wheel scooters Vs 3 Wheel Scooters

A 4 wheel scooter’s layout gives greater stability thanks to its wider and more stable wheelbase, making it ideal for outdoor use. This is particularly beneficial for someone who travels frequently because 4 wheel scooters are intended to be driven on a variety of surfaces. 

A 4 wheel scooter’s longer wheelbase and wider frame provide a smoother ride and help equally distribute weight. A four-wheel scooter, for example, maybe beneficial to bariatric patients who struggle to walk. Such patients will benefit from the extra stability.

Many mobility scooters have a low profile, which means they may be used as a chair in a restaurant or other public setting. Some 4 wheel mobility scooters are thin enough to fit through most entrances in public buildings or private residences. For patients who may want to enjoy such convenience, a 4 wheel mobility scooter is of great benefit.

4 wheel mobility scooters are suited for individuals in open spaces. A 3 wheel scooter is better in a constrained environment since it is easy to turn.

3 wheel scooters have more legroom than 4 wheel scooters because they only have one wheel in the front. This model is favorable for taller people or those who have a leg or knee ailment. A 4 wheel scooter is more suitable for individuals with a shorter stature.

Are 4 Wheel Scooters Safe?

Yes. 4 wheel scooters are safe. Compared with other scooters such as the 3 wheel scooters, they offer more safety guarantees.

The 4 wheel scooter is far more stable than a 3 wheel scooter. As a result, it is safer than a 3 wheel scooter because it is less prone to flip over. 

Because of its more extensive and stable wheelbase, a four-wheel scooter is suitable for outdoor use. The 4 wheel scooters have larger wheels that carry more momentum and enable the scooter to roll over more easily.

The weight is distributed more equally on a 4 wheel scooter. This weight distribution helps to reduce the wear and tear on the scooter and keeps it in excellent working order for longer.

The reduction of wear and tear makes it harder for accidents because the scooter is always pristine. 4 wheel scooters ensure balance, making it suitable for bariatric patients.

4 wheel scooters can have a high weight capacity, making them even more secure as a mobility device. Some scooters, such as Maxima, have a 500-pound weight capacity and integrate comfort elements.

Most 4 wheel scooters have a lower deck-to-ground distance, reducing the risk of falling when an individual wants to get on the scooter.

Does Medicare Cover 4 Wheel Scooters

Yes. Medicare covers 4 wheel scooters for patients, but there are requirements that patients need to meet.

Keep the following information in mind if you want to qualify for Medicare to cover your 4 wheel scooter:

1. Your medical insurance will only cover mobility scooters if they are medically required.

A scooter might be deemed medical equipment if it is prescribed by your doctor. This indicates that it is available for purchase through a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplier.

2. You should have a face-to-face meeting, and a documented diagnosis from a doctor before Medicare will consider paying for your scooter.

Before recommending a disability scooter, the doctor should consider using a walker, cane, or manual wheelchair. The necessity must be documented in medical records.

3. Within 45 days of seeing the doctor, you must purchase or rent a mobility scooter from a Medicare-approved source.

4. You are a person with limited mobility who meets all of these requirements:

  • You have a medical problem that makes it difficult for you to move around your house.
  • Even with the assistance of a cane, crutch, or walker, you are unable to perform activities of daily living (such as bathing, clothing, getting in and out of a bed or chair, or using the restroom).
  • You can easily operate and get in and out of the wheelchair or scooter or there is someone who is willing to assist you.

Medicare Part B provides medical services and supplies required to treat medical conditions. This type of Medicare is available to persons 65 and older who have been U.S. citizens or naturalized citizens for at least five years. 

Durable medical equipment (DME) such as power-assisted scooters and manual wheelchairs fall under this category. Patients under Medicare Part B are immediately qualified for a motorized scooter which includes 4 wheel scooters.

You’ll have to pay 20% of the amount permitted by Medicare if your DME supplier is prepared to negotiate insurance and accept the assignment costs. The remaining amount is subject to the Part B deductible.

Those who aren’t eligible for Part B can find scooters for $750 to $2,000 on the used market. An individual may be subject to Medicare’s Competitive Bidding Program, depending on where they live. 

The competitive bidding procedure for Medicare’s sturdy equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) can affect Medicare’s cost for a scooter.

“Suppliers submit bids to furnish specific medical supplies and equipment to people with Medicare who live in or visit competitive bidding areas,” according to Medicare uses these bids to determine how much it will pay for each item.

Overall, if a person qualifies for Part B, they will only be responsible for 20% of the cost of a mobility scooter purchased through the Competitive Bidding Program.



There goes our detailed review and buying guide for mobility scooters with four wheels. In case you don’t know what to pick, we suggest you try out the Enhance Mobility Transformer Scooter

It has a little bit of everything needed in a scooter to help users step up their social lifestyle. 

The scooter is a fully folding electric scooter designed for users with mobility issues.

In addition to being lightweight, it is extremely portable and packed with high-tech features. Even though it’s a bit pricy, we can assure you that it is totally worth your every coin.

However, if you prefer a more budget-friendly option with nearly similar features and functionalities, we’d recommend the Red Elephant Mobility Scooter