Move Lite vs the Fold and Go Wheelchair

Fold and Go wheelchair dimensions

Looking to buy a good quality lightweight folding power wheelchair but having trouble deciding which to go for between the Move Lite power chair and the Fold and Go wheelchair?

Here’s a comprehensive side-by-side comparison guide to help you pick what’s best for your mobility needs. We analyze the two based on key specs, main features, cost, and warranty.


We get why it can be hard to pick between the two folding electric wheelchairs. They are similar in a lot more ways than they are different. Something you may have noticed while shopping around. However, it is in their differences that you are able to tell what suits you the most.

Let’s look at both wheelchairs independently before looking at what stands out the most about each.

Move Lite Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair

Move Lite power wheelchair, is designed and built by Hover and is perhaps one of the lightest electric wheelchairs around, weighing just 50 lbs. The wheelchair is a foldable type and folds down into one piece for ease of storage and transportation. 

Move Lite wheelchair

Similar to the Fold and Go, folding down and folding up takes seconds. The only difference in the folding systems of the two motorized wheelchairs is in how you activate the fold-down/up mechanism. 

To unfold the Fold and Go, you must follow three simple steps. First, you hold the backrest and the jerk to open up the chair, then lock the frame, and finally, lower down the armrests. To collapse, you follow the same three steps but in reverse. 

Move Lite, on the other hand, you only push a button and the chair folds up or folds down.

The motorized chair is also designed and built for the outdoor terrain but can be used indoors. It fits through all standard doors and is pretty easy to maneuver in tight spaces. 

Fold and Go Folding Power Wheelchair

The Fold and Go is a folding electric wheelchair built with a mountain bike frame designed to handle all terrains and weather conditions. It is designed and built for outdoor lovers, particularly the adventurous at heart,  and can go over obstacles that most other wheelchairs wouldn’t.

The wheelchair folds down in three easy steps and takes literally seconds to go down or come up. And while it is designed to be electrically driven around, the Fold and Go has the option of being used as a manual chair. You only need to release the red lever on top of the motor wheels to switch to a manual wheelchair mode. 

Fold and Go wheelchair - side photo

Even more impressive is that you can use it as a walker by using the handlebar right above the backrest to hold on to while pushing the chair. This is a nice feature to have for when you want to stretch your legs or when you are tired of sitting for long. Even though not a true walker by definition, it can actually serve you well as a walker for heavy people.

Fold and go gives you two options to choose from: FOLD + GO MagSHOCK and the Neudol. Both wheelchairs are alike in pretty much most ways. Perhaps the only difference between the two is the weight capacity and recommended user height.

While the MagSHOCK has a larger weight capacity of 400 lbs, the Neudol electric wheelchair is designed for people with a smaller body frame. Precisely, users who weigh up to 150 lbs and are 5’ taller.

Unlike Move Lite which is only available in one color, Fold and Go is available in 12 different colors – green, maroon, pearl, pink, red, silver, slate, purple, turquoise, black, blue, and charcoal.

Similar to Move Lite, Fold and Go is a rear-wheel drive,  it gets its power from the rear wheels. This means the two wheelchairs propel faster and have greater control over high speeds. They are more suited for the outdoors than the indoors because of their big turning radius. The bigger turning radius makes it hard for wheelchairs to navigate tight indoor spaces. If you are looking for an indoor power wheelchair, consider one with a tighter radius or opt for a mobility scooter instead. A mobility scooter has far greater maneuverability than a wheelchair.

Also, they do exceptionally well on rough terrains and have excellent directional stability than most other motorized wheelchairs.

Side by Side Comparison: Move-Lite Power Chairs Vs Fold and Go Wheelchairs

Now that we’ve had a general look at the two folding wheelchairs, let’s zoom in on what makes the Fold and Go MagSHOCK different from the Move Lite electric wheelchair. We will be looking at some of the key things like safety, comfort, warranty and main features. We hope to help you and other wheelchair users make the best purchase.


Key Specs


Fold and Go Move Lite
Weight capacity 400 lbs 300 lbs
Chair weight 60 lbs 50 lbs
Turning radius 32 inches 31.5 inches
Seat dimensions Overall Height: 38 inches

Overall Width: 24 inches

Seat to Floor Height: 20 inches

Overall Height: 37 inches

Overall Width: 24 inches

Seat to floor: 19.5 inches

Driving range on a single battery 8 miles 15 miles
Maximum speed 4 mph 5 mph
Frame Magnesium frame Aluminium aircraft frame
Airline travel Allowed Allowed


Weight Capacity, Chair weight and Dimensions

Fold and Go wheelchair dimensions

Fold and Go has a higher weight capacity than the Move Lite wheelchair. It supports a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds while Move lite can only accommodate users who weigh a maximum of 300 pounds. It’s safe to conclude that the Fold and Go is a heavy-duty electric wheelchair whereas the Move Lite is a standard electric chair.

And because the Fold and Go is built for users with a little more flesh on their frame, it also has larger seat dimensions.  

The weight of the two power chairs also varies. The Fold and GO wheelchair is a little heavier, tipping the scale at 60 lbs while the Move lite weighs 50 lbs. The difference in chair weight may seem so small but it matters a lot when you have to keep lifting your wheelchair to load it into your car trunk or when moving it from one place to the other.

A heavier wheelchair requires the user to have some upper body strength to be able to travel with it. Otherwise, you’d have to always have someone with you to help you lift it up. Beats the logic of having a foldable electric wheelchair, don’t you think?

Driving Comfort

Both wheelchairs are made from extremely durable materials. The Fold and Go wheelchair’s frame is made of magnesium which is a material known to be lightweight but stronger than even Titanium. Move Lite is similarly made from lightweight but strong materials – aircraft quality aluminum.

While both are durable chairs and come with a breathable seat cushion, they differ in their comfort level. The Fold and Go heavy-duty fold chair takes the trophy hands down. It is ergonomically designed with a contoured backrest that conforms to the curvature of your spine for incredible back support and comfort while driving. 

That alone is a reason to opt for it, especially if you plan on using it for longer hours.

Move Lite on the other hand does not come with an ergonomic backrest but is equally comfortable to sit on all day because of the cushioned backrest. So while it is comfortable, you don’t get the much needed back support required to prevent back pains and fatigue.

With comfort, Fold and Go has a rather unique oval frame design that guarantees you extreme shock absorption ensuring that your ride is smooth even when driving on bumpy roads and rough terrain.

Considering that many wheelchairs including the Move Lite do not come with shock absorbers, this is a worthy feature to have and is one of the things that make the Fold and Go score highly as far as comfort is concerned.


The Fold and Go comes with two lithium-ion batteries and a fast global battery charger ( 100-240V 1.5A 50/60Hz) that takes five hours to charge. Once fully charged, a single battery charge can take you a distance of up to 8 miles while both will take you up to 16 miles.

The batteries have a waterproof battery life of up to 1000 charges and even though they don’t weigh much, each weighs just 3 lbs, this is slightly heavier since the Move Lite battery weighs only 2 lbs. The battery weight is important because it adds to the total weight of the chair.

The Move Lite power wheelchair, on the other hand,  runs on a more powerful single Lithium-ion polymer battery ( 12V 12Ah) that can take you a distance of up to 15 miles when fully charged.  

Maximum speed

The Move Lite power chair has a much higher speed limit, at 5 mph,  compared to the Fold and Go which has a slightly lower speed limit of 4 mph. This makes the Move Lite a much faster wheelchair than the Fold and Go.


Whereas both electric wheelchairs are built for all terrains, be it indoor or outdoor, the Fold and Go withstands weather conditions way better than the Move Lite. Simply because it was built to be weatherproof. It can withstand rain, puddles, mud, snow, extreme heat and shine and so much more. The electrical components are well protected and even when driven in heavy rain or snow, they do not get damaged.

The entire Fold and Go unit is weatherproof, including the rear motor wheels, the joystick control and the electromagnetic brakes.

On steep slopes, the Fold and Go does a pretty good job going uphill. It has nearly double the climbing angle that Move Lite has. Fold and Go can climb slopes of up to 25 degrees while Move Lite’s maximum climbing angle is only 12 degrees. The difference is incomparable.


Compared to Fold and Go, the Move Lite wheelchair is considered safer because it comes with a safety horn, adjustable speed control in addition to powerful electromagnetic braking system.


Like most wheelchairs, these two come with accessories that add convenience to the chairs. The Fold and Go comes with a charging cable, double zipper storage bag that’s conveniently located under the seat, seat belt, and an offboard charging system.

Move Lite does not come fitted with so many accessories, just a storage basket underneath the seat but you can customize your chair with so many add ons. You get to choose which accessories you want added to your chair. For instance, a cup holder, travel bag, phone holder, headrest, armrest pocket – the lists long.


The Move Lite power chair and the Fold and Go are both controlled by a dynamic drive 360-degree joystick with precision control. The joystick controls the direction and speed of the wheelchairs and from the dashboard, you can monitor the battery level through the battery indicator and you can power on and off the wheelchair

The joystick on the Fold and Go has up to five-speed controls:  0.5 mph, 1  mph, 2  mph, 3  mph and 4  mph while the Move Lite has slightly different speed controls that start from 1 mph followed by 2 mph, 3 mph, 4 mph and lastly 5 mph.


 The margin between the cost of a Move Lite wheelchair and a Fold and Go wheelchair is so huge that it’s hard to just compare them price-wise. You can get a Move Lite for about $1800 while you can get a Fold and Go for about $2900. These prices may be higher or lower depending on where you buy your wheelchair. However, these are prices as listed on the official websites so they are good enough for making an estimation. Most likely than not, you will get them at a higher price.


The Fold and Go comes fully assembled right out of the box, you only need to charge the battery and you can start using it right away. Our Move Lite on the other hand, will need you to make some modifications before you can start using it. Fortunately, the modifications are easy to make and the manual makes it even easier because the instructions are easy to read and comprehend.

Move Lite wheelchair folded

Travel Friendliness

Both electric wheelchairs come with advanced Lithium-ion batteries that are approved for airplane use. This means you can fly to any destination with your wheelchair. The Fold and Go is both TSA and FAA approved.

In addition, both have a quick-release Joystick connection which makes boarding a plane super easy and quick.


Both motorized wheelchairs come with a warranty. The Move Lite comes with a one-year warranty on all electrical components inclusive of the battery as well as a five-year warranty on the frame.

Fold and Go, on the other hand, comes with a one-year warranty on the joystick controller, battery, and rear motor without the tires. It also comes with a 3-year warranty on the frame. In addition, there is a 30-day warranty on moveable parts like the armrests, rubber tires, under-seat storage bag, footrest pad, and other wearing parts.

Financing the Move Lite and Fold and Go Wheelchairs

A good quality electric wheelchair costs in the range of thousands of dollars. Move Lite, for instance, costs nearly $2000 while Fold and Go costs nearly $3000. For a majority of people, getting this lump some amount may be strenuous, and therefore sourcing alternative ways to finance the wheelchair is important.

Fortunately, some insurance companies and medicare cover wheelchairs if you meet their requirements.

To help with financing, Fold and Go offer users several payment plans in addition to the above. They have a rent-to-own plan, buy now pay later plan, and they also monthly payments without charging financing fees or credit requirements.

Move-Lite  Vs Fold and Go Folding Electric Wheelchairs: Which is better? 

Well, this is usually a hard one to answer because it all boils down to preference at the end of the day. But that aside, we would highly vouch for the Fold and Go because it is weatherproof, which means you never have to worry about your wheelchair dying out on you in case you ever get rained on while driving. We also like that it can be used on difficult terrains like mud and puddles which Move Lite would really struggle to pass through.

Lastly, its shock-dampening ability is a great feature to have for someone who anticipates going offroad.

The only downside perhaps would be its cost, which is way higher than Move Lite. A difference of a thousand bucks is massive and may put off a lot of users. So if you are on a limited budget, the Move Lite is definitely the next best choice. It also does exceptionally well on all terrains, comes with electromagnetic brakes for added safety, has a higher travel speed, and comes with two batteries so you never find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere.

If both options don’t tickle your fancy for some reason. There are plenty of other great electric wheelchairs to choose from. You could look up the Model H Hybrid Wheelchair or other similarly great options that are within your budget.